Tales From The Unending Void: Season One (v0.12.1)

I'm proud to present the complete first season of Tales From The Unending Void. Achievements are available in the Extra Scenes edition, which can be bought here on itch.io as of now, your purchase also includes a set of wallpapers and the official game guide. Apart from this, v0.12.1 contains mostly bugfixes a completed Russian translation.

The images in the Android version of the game are slightly less compressed, I hope that makes enough of a difference.

NOTE: Saves from earlier versions of the game are likely to cause trouble. To work around this, you can set the missing variables from the developer console: $ name_of_missing_variable = False. Or start a new game. Sorry for any inconvenience, but I had to introduce extra checks to make certain achievements work.

If your game doesn't start on macOS, it could be quarantined by GateKeeper you can try the following in that case:

  • Open Terminal.app
  • Write the following command: xattr followed by a space and drag the TFTUV.app from the Finder onto the terminal window
  • Press Enter, it should show com.apple.quarantine as a result. If the text is not shown you’ve likely encountered another issue.
  • If the text is shown, type xattr -d com.apple.quarantine  followed by a space and drag TFTUV.app onto the terminal window again
  • Press Enter and try to launch the game again.


- Add achievements (Extra Scenes Edition only)
- Add Russian translation (thanks to MyPrettyWolfy)
- Update Spanish translation (thanks to Kabezon)
- Fix spelling and grammar (thanks to Shamus, Lysergic, Bartimayus)
- Fix missing variable (thanks to MatthewAMEL)
- ep012: Fix scene flow (thanks to MyPrettyWolfy)
- ep012: Fix conditional (thanks to Horny Toad)
- ep011: Fix conditional involving Jade scene (thanks to Lightman)


Season One (v0.12.5) (Extra Scenes Edition, Uncensored) 943 MB
Version 4 Feb 08, 2023
Season One (v0.12.1) (Extra Scenes Edition, Uncensored) 3 GB
Version 1 Jun 05, 2022
Season One Game Guide v0.12.pdf 783 kB
Jun 05, 2022
Season One Wallpapers.zip 171 MB
Jun 05, 2022
Season One (v0.12.6) (Free Edition, Uncensored) 2 GB
Version 14 Jun 05, 2022
Season One (v0.12.5) (Extra Scenes Edition, Uncensored) 943 MB
Version 1 Jun 05, 2022
Season One (v0.12.1) (Extra Scenes Edition, Uncensored) 3 GB
Version 1 Jun 05, 2022
Season One (v0.12.6) (Free Edition, Uncensored) 1 GB
Version 15 Jun 05, 2022

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Just to confirm, it re-enables incest automatically if you load a save that should have incest disabled?

Deleted post

Thanks for the confirmation. I'll try and reproduce the issue on my end and hopefully release a fix in an upcoming build.

Deleted post

If i download season 2 does it count as a separate game to season one and if it isn't can i play through season one from the season 2 version 

Season 2 is separate and doesn't contain the Season 1 content. Season 1 automatically creates a special save game which can then be imported into Season 2.

Thank you for the information

how long will the wait be for season 2 episode 1?

Patrons on Patreon and SubscribeStar will probably get their hands on in it this month, so it will probably be published here in July.

I was looking through the walkthrough trying to get all of Chapter 12's scenes, but I'm unable to figure out how to get the "Beach Offensive" and "Shuttlecock" scenes. Anyone have better luck with those?

Beach Offensive is a scene with Thyia and you should be in a relationship with her to get that one. Shuttlecock is a blowjob scene with Jade when you didn't have sex in at the spaceport, just before going to the Theater of Senses.

Is there an Extra Scenes Edition for Mac, or just PC, Linux, and Android?

The PC version should work for macOS as well. I'd forgotten to check it as a supported platform.

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Just checking, if we played the version of the game that was out a few days ago, this is the official release and not a continuation of the story yeah? Awesome game btw.

That's correct, the continuation of the story will be released at a later date.


Congratulations on the official release. You have a lot of great content in all your games. Excited to see what you come up with next!

Will be sure to be buying this!


thanks great first season really want to see where you take the story in season 2 :D