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Tales From The Unending Void is my next project and a sci-fi choice-based visual novel made in Ren’Py, much like my previous title Sisterly Lust.


Camran is a young minor noble from the Sovereignty, a part of space dominated by humans. Erstwhile cadet of the Terran Naval Academy, Cam has been forced by circumstances to travel the galaxy, together with a band of friends, taking on menial jobs and occasionally smuggling some illicit cargo. As he involuntarily becomes part of sinister plans machinated by powerful intrigants, Camran’s life is changed forever…


The game is built on choices that will have an impact on the narrative. Multiple love interests, alien and human, are available to be pursued.


  • Incest (Brother/Sister, Mother/Son, Brother/Sister/Mother)
  • Harem
  • Anal
  • Lesbian
  • Corruption
  • Voyeurism
  • Masturbation
  • Teen
  • MILF
  • Futanari (Optional)
  • Group Sex (Optional)
  • BDSM (Sub & Dom, Optional)
  • Pregnancy (Optional)
  • And much more!


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v0.11 (Free Edition, Uncensored) 2 GB
Version 11
v0.11 (Free Edition, Uncensored) 652 MB
Version 12
v0.11 (Free Edition, Uncensored) 2 GB
Version 11

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This game was a pleasant surprise !

There's a few things, tho; i believe "you can say that again" is a bit overused lol. I found the portuguese translation(I'm a native speaker) overly formal and a bit overwhelming(?) at times, i ended up just playing it in english.

That aside, great work ! Amazing plot ! Is it just me, or it is heavily inspired by mass effect ? The visuals are incredible, the character development is incredible! I can't wait for the next update !


Thanks! I'll have a look at the "you can say that again" occurrences,  sometimes a phrase like that gets stuck in your head.

Shame about the Portuguese translation. In what way would you say it's overwhelming? I'll pass your feedback on to my translator.

Thanks for the great review! Mass Effect is an influence, but I mostly draw inspiration from novels like the ones from the Vorkosigan saga series and other space opera.

Well,  i don't know specifically since I've played it in English but, here's a few things;

In the main menu, "save" is missing translation.

"preferences" would be better translated to "opções"(options).

"Location" is missing translation, in the very first scene.

Some character titles are missing translation like "unknown" or "bodyguard".

In the prologue the cyborg says "minhas orelhas se danificam quando o grande urso ruge"("my ears shatter as the great bear roars") and that is just wrong, lol. They translated "ears" literally. "Ouvido" would be a better alternative to "orelhas" it would fit in much better in that context. 

To summarize, PT-BR is a language which the context of the dialogues needs to be adapted to. Translating them literally won't make much sense to the reader. Or at least they won't get the message as you intend it.

I'm gonna replay it in portuguese, if something else comes up I'll let you know.


Thanks for getting back to me. The first few problems are probably my fault and I think they're fixed in Episode 12. As I understood, Portuguese is quite finicky, also when it comes to gendered words. I'd be interested in anything else you find.

If you need any help, hit me up


Great job

having trouble finding the jumping on jade scene

i've tried going back and choosing different choices assuming it's just some subtle choice in the previous episodes requiring to trigger it.  but haven't seemed to have found it 

That scene will be easier to reach in the upcoming update. Basically you shouldn't decline sex with Jade just before Céline catches you with her.


thank you for responding so quickly, especially considering how busy you must be.

I had tried previously before posting here to accept jade's invitation but it resulted in no change, I also just skipped through that part right now accepting jade invitation to validate my claim and to prevent unnecessary complications in the event I was mistaken, but it still resulted in no change.

thank you for acknowledging my feedback

(btw your work is truly a masterpiece, when it comes to the quality and size of these projects it's quite impressive to think assumingly only a single person is developing it, these are easily the best VN's I've seen)

thank you for doing what you do  

Thanks for the kind words!


Came for sex stayed for the plot

(1 edit) (+4)

This is an amazing VN game. What I find most unexpected is that although I'm very much enjoying the sex scenes of course, the quality of the story and storytelling is such that I now totally can't wait to see what's next.

Leading me to the biggest downside there for many people : we can't wait ! Stop eating or sleeping !! Joking of course, but this is very good quality work. Thank you !

Oh and one last thing, in the "wish" section (even if you confirmed it already) : can't wait to see Rahia again, and Erylin to put her down. Could "adopt" her daughter while we're at it...


So I played v0.11 the day it came out and was just doing another run from the very beginning of the game while I was sitting here bored and tweaking some of my choices and there was one thing I really wish I could do. That's to take Caese with us on our escape. A couple of months ago you commented on another post of mine about potentially revisiting some characters and I really hope she's one we aren't leaving behind for good. I don't expect a solid answer. I'm not asking for spoilers or anything, but I really felt like she was s such a strong character. And the bond she had with Nadya along with what happened in the cave, it made it feel like she would totally be down to run with us if we could have asked. It's a testament to how much I enjoy this game that I care even this much about so many side characters. It hasn't even been a month yet and I'm already feeling the wait.


Yes, the Acarhyn (including Rahia, Caese and Erylin) will return at some point. Your choices in the past few episodes will determine how friendly that meetup will be. ;) Hope you enjoy what's coming!


Thanks for the reply! I'm sure I'll enjoy the next chapter. Again, kudos on making me go from wanting to just scorched earth all the Acarhyn to actually caring about them. Rahia, included, to the point where I keep going back and forth on if I should go solo for the hunt or partner with the warriors as my main play through. You really made the warrior women interesting and got me to like them... except Erylin, I still want to see her get her comeuppance (aka justice from the barrel of my rifle). But who knows, with the quality of character building and story telling you have I may end up finally having a turn for her as well... doubt it, but we'll see.

Esta traducido al español 

Not yet, unfortunately.

What kind of system is required for the game, does it work with a bad computer?

It works on fairly low-end hardware, Windows Vista and up are supported by the engine.

Thanks for the reply


Fantastic game - fun story, likable characters with personalities beyond just wanting to fuck you, and a well delivered setting.  I gladly paid money for this and look forward to the next chapter.


it stopped at eps. 9 in my android

Great game so far but why does it crash so much? Like in the middle of playing it just crashes out of nowhere. Plz help.

Is there a traceback.txt or log.txt in the game directory? If so, could you post its contents?

what's that & how do I find it

Those are log files and are in the game directory, unless you're playing on Android.

Yh I play on android


Lack of RAM or disk space could be an issue in that case.


I love this game.  I'm excited to participate.  Looking forward to more.  I'm dying for more Eva, spent the game just wanting to find and do nasty things to my favorite sister.  Ce and Lilly are grand though, but gotta get more of that E!  Story is great too, I love how the crew shapes out and even enjoy the turn around of someone like Thim. 

what is the playtime? 12 hours or more?


The game currently contains over 200.000 words, so depending on how fast you read that estimate might be accurate.

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you. I was asking because the average session time said half an hour. lol. Ive been beating visual novels left and right, having to wait on the next update. Need something new that will give me more hours.

Ah right, I think average session time is based on reading one episode, but half an hour is on the low end in that case


Great work! Loving it so far, and loving the futa stuff as well, cheers.


fantastic update! really interested to see where everyone's stories go, but especially Ziv, Vess, Eva, and Raene. Really, though, all the characters are vying for gold for me because they all feel fun and interesting and compelling. It doesn't feel like there are any "repeats" in the personalities or dispositions of the main group and that's REAL impressive, given the size of the cast. I am digging that it feels like you can watch the MC softening and learning, and one thing you do that I really dig: in sex scenes, even though we the player are making choices, in-game the choices are often expressed as the MC's partner's desires or preferences, which I really appreciate. One question: I've been really enjoying that the MC and Thim can soften and enjoy a friendship, are there any plans for any MC/Thim scenes? Can. Not. Wait. to see where the story's going. Thank you again!


Working hard on more content at the moment. Thim and the MC will have a moment in Episode 12. There are no plans for M/M sexual content though, so it's going to stay platonic between them.


Real shame about no M/M, bc I also lowkey ship Camran with Thim.


This is really good stuff.  Love the sisters.  Eva is the bomb.


I can't unlock the Jade scenes as I don't get prompted to visit her in this episode. Did I miss something somewhere?

(1 edit)

a few chapters back you can choose how to go with her. Romantic or slave. both again have a scene in episode 11 depending what you chose.


yeah I remember that but she's not showing up at all in 11 for me. Weird.

Should be when you board the ship and you can choose to talk to people. is weird indeed.

yeah I have everyone that's supposed to be there but her. I did use a mod the first playthrough. I will just start over without the mod. Maybe that's the problem.

Deleted the game, did a clean install and everything works now!


Wow chapter 11, shit has hit the fan. Wow I'm amazing. Great work!

Wait is v0.12 out in android?? If not why does it show v0.12 under android at the main page of this game?

The itch.io version numbering doesn't follow the official version numbers. v0.11 is the latest release for all platforms.

Hi! New to visual novels and found your previous work. I'm enjoying it and have found it to be a great way to practice my Spanish with the Spanish translation. Do you have an ESP translation planned for this story as well?

Nobody has come forward with a Spanish translation, unfortunately. But I'd love to include one.


just put 'a' or 'o' at the end of each wordo

The Portuguese translation is without subtitles!!


The translation of Episode 11 wasn't finished on time, it will be included in the next release.


Another update.... Yeeh :) I enjoyed it, once again. It was a good episode, the story really lifted off (Litterly ;) ) and am curious to where it goes next. My only (usual) "complains" are that it was to short (Cries.. i want more.. ;) )  and i always want more Raene story, and am always sad if it's just a few nods to her (Her dad's a dick by still calling her a boy.... a-hole).. So more Raene pls <3

Thnx for the awesome work. :) Keep it up ^^


More Raene is incoming! She has one of the storylines I enjoy writing very much.

Hey is there something wrong with the android files or is it just my phone, it won't let me open the android version after I download, says corrupted file can not be open.


Could you perhaps try this direct download link? https://mega.nz/file/FCgh1YzD#v-RSM481cPSOa_d1-u03EXweWYap5acCsTXwdOssSoc

Okay, thank you.  When I downloaded it from Mega it seems to work fine.

A tradução em português está sem legenda!!


"The extermination of the Undrea's blight upon the Acarhyn lands has ended!"



"The extermination of the Undrea has ended this blight upon the Acarhyn lands!"


"The extermination of the Undrea has ended it's assault upon the Acarhyn lands!" (maybe rampage or attack?  "Blight" doesn't really fit a large monster tearing stuff up)

Does this have Watersports/urination content, like how Sisterly Lust did?

If so it's definetly on my to-do list ;) <3

Also, as a separate question, is there even a slight chance of you making a variant with a non-human male main character? Or at least one with a non-human penis

Your content is amazing, but I wish there was a way to change the human penis to something more pleasing for me

(A female main character would be great too, but I bet that's way too much to ask for an already in progress game... Maybe the next game though, hopefully?)

Either way, great work! <3

Watersports content, similar to what's in Sisterly Lust, is planned. There's one bonus scene with urination and Episode 12 will have a full scene with urination.

As for variant MCs, that's a little hard to pull off unfortunately and would require a lot of rerendering old scenes.

Okay, that makes sense! Not a dealbreaker at all, I'll be paying attention to this game as it gets updates!

Crossing my finger for next game having a non-human option for main character =D <3

Despite a lot of negative comments, I really enjoyed what I played of the game so far. Although the MC is arrogant at times I think this adds to the story; its different than a normal MC in most of the games I've played. The art work is amazing!!! Hats off to you and your team 
Perverteer, y'all are doing a fantastic job and keep up the great work and disregard all the negative naysayers!


Thanks! The idea is that the MC slowly becomes less of an arrogant prick over time, but I'm glad you enjoyed the game regardless!


You're welcome the game is amazing!!!!

When will TFTUV latest chapter update come??


The release is tomorrow.


Thanks for your gd work.

How do you unlock the scene "Lilly's Grind?"


How did you treat her before you went to the facility and during/after? I think to romance her you also need to make the right choice at the facility.


I knew that this one wasn't for me when I found myself hoping that the major villain figure would catch up to the main character and end him. The MC, as presented, comes across as an entitled, arrogant douche who's nowhere nearly as clever as he thinks he is. Every NPC character around him is more interesting and/or more likeable than he is, and why they follow him so readily is inobvious at best. Plus, he's a massive hypocrite: he rips on the Earth stellar government for turning a race of peaceable aliens into sex-slaves, yet he owns one. His excuse? "Well, all the rich Terrans like me own one" and "My parents gave her to me." And yet, when the story quickly moves beyond Earth space, never once does he say "Hey, how about I free you, and you can become regular crew?" Thomas Jefferson much, d-bag? Yeah, yeah, I know, "It's just a fap game" people will say, but it obviously wants to be something a bit more than that as well. This just doesn't work when the main character you're supposed to be playing comes across as such a constantly irredeemable tool.


Seems to me like you may not have played much of the game. Your problem is that the MC doesn't start out perfect but has an actual character arch and growth which is rare in these types of games. That's just odd to me. Not to mention you can kind of pick if he is a dick to people or not even in the early game, so there's that too...

And you other big issue, of him sort of owning a slave while having a problem with it, is literally brought up in the game in the latest update depending on how you play the MC.

I find it ironic.... one might say, hypocritical, to criticize the game for having a character with flaws that has to grow, when removing those flaws turns him into the carbon copy "perfect" MC most "fap games," as you put it, have.

I really love this game 1 played 1-10 and couldnt wait for 11 but 11 wont play and i cant understand why 1-10 played fine


can you link your patreon to your itch.io account so it is less of a hassle to get to it

Hi! I downloaded the game yesterday, played with it and tried to install a mod to it to help with the choices (used unren and the modified game library). It didnt work, so I deleted the game and made a fresh install. Downloaded it from this site, extracted and will not start. Please see error message down:

Could you please help me what could be the problem?

Thank you!


I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

After initialization, but before game start.

  File "renpy/common/00start.rpy", line 80, in _init_language


  File "game/screens.rpy", line 152, in <module>

AttributeError: 'Preferences' object has no attribute 'say_screen_visibility'

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "renpy/bootstrap.py", line 326, in bootstrap


  File "renpy/main.py", line 617, in main


  File "renpy/main.py", line 78, in run


  File "renpy/translation/__init__.py", line 561, in init_translation

    renpy.store._init_language() # @UndefinedVariable

  File "renpy/common/00start.rpy", line 80, in _init_language


  File "renpy/translation/__init__.py", line 645, in change_language

    new_change_language(tl, language)

  File "renpy/translation/__init__.py", line 607, in new_change_language


  File "renpy/ast.py", line 2626, in apply

    value = renpy.python.py_eval(expr)

  File "renpy/python.py", line 2249, in py_eval

    return py_eval_bytecode(code, globals, locals)

  File "renpy/python.py", line 2242, in py_eval_bytecode

    return eval(bytecode, globals, locals)

  File "game/screens.rpy", line 152, in <module>

AttributeError: 'Preferences' object has no attribute 'say_screen_visibility'



Tales From The Unending Void 0.10

Fri Nov 26 10:28:28 2021


That's probably a left-over bit from the mod. Ren'Py, the game's framework, keeps a few files in the saves directory (%APPDATA%/RenPy/TalesFromTheUnendingVoid). You could try and move or delete that directory and see if the game runs.


Thank you for the help! I really like both of your games! Looking forward for the next episode!


I can't wait for the next chapter


great work dude keep it up

So far this game is amazing, one of the best VN I've played. So much effort and care is going into this game that it is worth a try and when completed worth giving some coin to (and if you have the cash to spare even tossing a coin or two to your witcher... I mean developer is worth it). If it ends up half as good as Sisterly Lust (probably *the* best VN I've played) it'll be really good. And Perverteer has the fact that they finished one VN as a badge of honor in my mind. So many VN's end up rushed at best or unfinished with only a "season 1" or something and a bunch of people who got duped.

Question if I may: any plans to release the finished product on Steam with Achievements?

One thing story-wise I hope for is some follow up and fallout from our lengthy "involuntary confinement" and all the... *cough* actions *cough* we took with ladies before hand... wink wink, nudge nudge... get what I'm saying?


Glad to hear you enjoyed both of my games so much! As for your questions:

- Yes, I'm going to publish this game on Steam (if they allow me). The game has three acts and with Episode 11 we're nearing the end of the first act. I'll probably publish that first act on steam and offer the remaining acts as DLC in the future.

- It would be a shame not to revisit a couple of those women we've encountered so far... ;)

(3 edits)

i really dislike the business model that seems to be evolving for these kinda games, dividing them up into acts/seasons, etc.
BUT, in this case, for the first dozen or so parts are in fact long enough to become one act, a rare thing.. 
if you were to make sure there are no cliffhangers, and the immediate story plotline is all resolved, and the DLC is pretty much a standalone story, then i have no arguments, and would be happy to purchase a 2nd act as "DLC".
i imagine you have three complete stories in mind - the escape/rescue, the return journey home, and the confrontation with the powers that be/return to grace. fair enough. makes sense to divide them given that the story has been written in long form, not short-story form. 
(i mean, DLC should also be bonus content. not just charging people again just to be able to complete the game, which is what a lot of the other authors now using this model are doing).
~just my 2 cents worth, love the story!


Yeah, I get what you're saying. Some game seem to embrace the whole episodic thing a little too eagerly. I was on the fence about the whole acts/season decision, but if I wait until the entire story is complete it will be several years before there's a proper release here and on Steam. And as you say, there's quite a bit of content in those 12 episodes already. ;) Episode 12 will be a two-parter, in order to resolve a big plot thread.

Very cute and high-quality character models. I notice many authors have similar ones. Is there some kind of program for such 3d models, or is everyone trying to stick to the same style?

There is also the problem of frequent departures on android.


DAZ3D and the Iray render engine are used to create these images.


I downloaded 0.10 version however it has 2 application files which one do i use tftuv.exe or tftuv-32.exe

Probably tftuv.exe if you have a 64-bit system.

I played the 11th episode twice but I still can't get the jumping on jade scence to trigger 🥺 HELP!

You mean the 11th episode which hasn't been released here yet?

(1 edit)

I got it from Patreon.

Never mind I remembered her history.

Hey! I too played but couldn't trigger jade's scenes, what is the history you are talking about? what did I miss?

There are 2 paths for jade hard and soft.

any clue as to when a new chapter will come?


Episode 11 was released for patrons on Patreon and SubscribeStar just today. The public release will be on December 17.

oh man i cant get subscribe  star to work lol

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