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Tales From The Unending Void is my next project and a sci-fi choice-based visual novel made in Ren’Py, much like my previous title Sisterly Lust.


Camran is a young minor noble from the Sovereignty, a part of space dominated by humans. Erstwhile cadet of the Terran Naval Academy, Cam has been forced by circumstances to travel the galaxy, together with a band of friends, taking on menial jobs and occasionally smuggling some illicit cargo. As he involuntarily becomes part of sinister plans machinated by powerful intrigants, Camran’s life is changed forever…


The game is built on choices that will have an impact on the narrative. Multiple love interests, alien and human, are available to be pursued.


  • Incest (Brother/Sister, Mother/Son, Brother/Sister/Mother)
  • Harem
  • Anal
  • Lesbian
  • Corruption
  • Voyeurism
  • Masturbation
  • Teen
  • MILF
  • Futanari (Optional)
  • Group Sex (Optional)
  • BDSM (Sub & Dom, Optional)
  • Pregnancy (Optional)
  • And much more!


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v0.6 (Free Edition, Uncensored) 1 GB
Version 6
v0.6 (Free Edition, Uncensored) 1 GB
Version 6
v0.6 (Free Edition, Uncensored) 1 GB
Version 6

Development log


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Have a gay scene? Or can you add in the next update a gay character?


I don't think I'd be able to do such a romance or any sexual scenes justice, to be honest. So I'm afraid there won't be any male on male action in this one.


oh... ok 😶😶😶🤗🤗🤗 you are a great artist and i thanks you for this game @.@


Will there ever be a chance to meet the redhead translator that was on the warrior ship that we sexed, again? Love the game! Excited for 0.7 already! 

Yes, I think that'll be likely. Not sure when though.

hey, i was wondering when the episode 7 would get released?

Hopefully this month for patrons, if that's the case the public release (here and elsewhere) will be in February.


Can we switch the Twi'll back to the way they looked before the update?


Hey, first of all thanks for your amazing work on this game, second of all i have finished the game on 0.5 but lost my save, is there way that i can start from where i left off?


Hello dear dev. I'd like to thank you first for SL, that was an amazing game (still) that I found few month ago and ran about 3 times (and will again at least one more time because I can't get Bella!). I really loved the freedom that gave me and animations are really good looking! The entier game is just enough exiting to keep me in and never too much so I never been bored bravo!

Anyway I have downloaded this one with enthusiasm and I'm pretty sure I will not be desapointed.

I still have some questions, do you planned to release a french version of this one too ? May I help you in another way that giving money ? Even on SL where I found few translation mistakes (nothing horrible but if you still work on it...) ?

Thank you again for your excellent work, I will start those Tales nearly... Now !

Good to hear you liked Sisterly Lust so much, hope you enjoy Tales as well! As for a French translation, I'm really hoping there'll be one in the near future, but I haven't found a translator yet.

I'm always interested in fixing mistakes in both Sisterly Lust and Tales From The Unending Void. So if you have any feedback, let me know! You can also reach me at perverteergames@gmail.com.


Hello I don't no if I missed something but is their any opportunity to rescue Melody becouse I was a huge fan of her in freeloading family and was almost sad becouse I couldn't help her. And BTW this game is amazing 

Rescuing Melody isn't possible (yet). Glad to hear you're enjoying the game!

Ok thanks but I hope there will we a way sometimes


episode 6 is such a tease keep it coming!


Amazing game 🙂. When do you plan to release episode 7?

The next episode will probably released this month for patrons and a public release is scheduled one month after.

That's great, thank you 🙂. One other question: I've finished chapter six and unlocked all scenes except two: in episode 3, the Berit hard scene and threesome hard scene won't unlock. 

Is this a glitch? Or are they available to patrons only?

Thanks for making such a great game. Will patron when finances improve

Thanks for considering to become a patron! It's probably not a glitch, because that sex scene has multiple variations, so you probably haven't unlocked those branches yet.


Looking forward to the next update, the story is very engaging


Hi Perverteer awesome game! hope to buy this game on steam and support you in future. I hope you would consider adding yellow text color option as it's really hard to read all white text.


Thanks a lot! It's certainly my plan to submit this game to Steam. I'm going to put the text color as a feature on my todo list, not sure how to tackle it at the moment though.


I am impressed. I downloaded the game on android with high hopes, since I really liked Sisterly Lust and I can say I wasn't dissapointed. The story is incredibly unique, and had me hooked right away. The visuals are just incredible with a lot of detail to characters and scenes. I was expecting a few lags during animations, since that seems to be present in a lot of Ren'py games for android, but I was suprised to find fluent transitions without any freezing or any other issues. Everything works as intended and I also appreciate the slightly larger UI for android. A great game, from a great developer! Keep it up! Much love❤️

Thanks so much, I hope you enjoy the future episodes as well!

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I gotta say Perverteer you're one of the better devs on this platform, I played your previous title and what you have so far on this one is promising, I'm a big fan of your work! 

Thanks a lot! Hope you'll continue to enjoy what's in store for this title.

Game will not open in Windows. I have tried on v0.5, v0.6, tried uninstalling, reinstalling, redownloading zip, nothing works. This game looks very interesting to me, but I have never been able to get it to open.

A common problem is the length of the path where the game is installed. Windows often can't handle long paths. What you could do is rename the application folder to something shorter, like TFTUV and move it several directories up, like: C:\Games\TFTUV or something.

Also, make sure the game is installed in a location in a directory with a full path that is representable in the current system language. So installing the game in a directory containing Chinese characters while the system language is set to English will probably lead to problems.

Hope that helps!

Awesome, I'll try that. Thanks!


I really loved the game.

Is compressed version possible?

I'll post a compressed version as soon as I release v0.7.

wow, thanks :)))


This one, was one of the best. Poor Raene... I want to hold her, put me close, and tell her everything will be okay. I even have a (very rare) tear in my eye, just cuz how...Sad the story is...I mean.. How'd ya go from incest love, to a story as this... Jeez dude, ya made me feel stuff... GJ  :)  Can't wait to see what's next in store

Thanks! I hope you enjoy the next one. The interactions with Raene certainly won't be the last. ;)


Loved Episode 6!!  You have me wanting more! I'm sure others will feel the same.  Your story lines are amazing.  Sincerely! Happy Holidays!


what a nice christmas present... Th

I love playing your SL game. I'd like yo play this one but my phone doesn't have enough space atm. Are you thinking of making a compressed version of this game by any chance?

Thanks! Yes, I think it's time I made a compressed version as the game is getting quite large.


I just finished your first game and will begin this one shortly and I rarely see VN with that  quality, keep up the good work


Thank you, hope you enjoy this one too!

Hello perveteer, looking forward for the update as always.
Just a problem that till now, whenever I try to save the game I sort of need to be exact in pressing the save button as it gets overlapped by the keyboard for entering  ave name.
Like - save - (qs u click on the slot, straight way keyboard pops up and then the tick/ok doesn't work, so you need to press the back button from mobile and quickly click or save button in the transition)

If anyone else has faced his problem do reply, Is this individual device problem or common one?


Thanks for the report! Are you playing on a mobile phone perhaps? I might need to disable save game naming on mobile devices, because of the limited screen space. Unfortunately I lack people who can test on Android devices, would you be interested in testing once I have a build ready? You can reach me at perverteergames@gmail.com or on my Discord server (https://discord.gg/CG7h8EC) for further details.

Yep on mobile, disabling that naming option would certainly help. No problem, I'll reach out to you through discord.

I'm having the same issue. As an alternative, you could have the ENTER key mapped to perform the save action.

Would like to have an option to take Luzane as a personal "servant" as a way to get revenge.


Do you know when the next update will be out? I love this game and can't wait to play more!


Certainly, the next public release is on December 24.


Is Celine currently the only person you can have a relationship with?


Yes, that's correct. The other relationships are still developing.

Hey I have a problem my phone doesn't want to install the apk is there any way to fix this? Maybe deleting some files and downloading them again?

Now that I've noticed apparently the only games I cant play are the ones from Ren’Py any idea on how to fix this for android?

Do you have enough space on your device to install the games? The minimum requirements for my other game might apply here as well (at least 3GB RAM and 6GB free storage space).

Yeah that might be the problem are you thinking of a compressed version in the future?

Yes, I think that will be a necessity as the game grows in size.


Well then I'll just have to wait, good luck with the game and I hope everything goes well


Really getting a kick out of this! This would make a cool series on but it's better because you get to choose the story line. COOL!

Good to hear you're enjoying the game. Hope you like the future instalments as well.


Got through it last night, can't wait for the next one!


I'm only a tiny way into this and I'm enjoying the story line. Can't wait to continue!

I have a Macbook Pro and I downloaded this and it won't get past the Prologue. I'm wondering if I didn't do the download right. It just plays the music after I put in the name of my character.

Did you hit enter or the spacebar? Or does the game crash eventually?

Duh!! lol Thanks! 

I see it says, "And More" does that include gay also? 

Gay content isn't planned at the moment.

Ok, thank you.

Are you planning on this being a continuing series? If so, will the next novel take your relationship status from the previous to continue?

That's the plan. All of your saved games should carry over to the next episode and you can load them and play on until the end of the newly implemented content.

Awesome! Can't wait!

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Really enjoying this as I get started. The render quality is unbelievable. It's a slow burn at the start, though--I'm looking forward to unlocking more sexual content as the game goes on.

Hey Perverteer, do you mind if I send you a bunch of copy-editing corrections (typos/grammar) via email? I notice things like that a lot, and would love to point them out to you and help you polish the game in that way, if that would be welcome.

Also, are there relationships that get locked away if you don't make the right choice at the right time? Or is it more of a sandbox game, where you can eventually build relationships with any character in a single playthrough?

Thank you for the kind words! The game is not a sandbox, so you'll have to make a couple of choices at some point to get romantic with the girls in the game, or be locked out.

As for the copy-editing, that's always welcome! You can reach me at perverteergames@gmail.com

(1 edit)

Will you add some confirmation that you have been locked out? Like graying out the portrait icon in relationship screen. Same if girl begins to like you, maybe a pink icon border for that or something.

Edit: If there's going to be more girls, maybe even remove them from the list completely if locked out.

Hey, i just finished your first game (great one, i was blasted by the fact there was much more content I was expecting) and I'm gonna play this one just after.

I just want to report to you a bug in your website : when you choose a game and you click on the other, it show the image of the first one chosen. 

Good job for your games ! 

Thanks a lot! As for the website bug, do you mean the gallery on the bottom of the page?


seeing 'lesbian' under fetishes makes me so angry lol. absurd

On android, saving is a really hard because the keyboard doesnt really play nice with renpy. It makes it super frustrating


can you skip the incest?


Yes, that's possible. Remove the incest_patch.rpyc file (if present) from the game directory and start up the game. Open the developer console and press Shift+O and type: set_special(False), the main menu label should now say Standard Edition instead of Taboo Edition.

If you're playing on Android you can download the vanilla version from Patreon.



Hey. I think i have a bug in the standard edition. i have just started chapter five and the whole conversation with lilly is making the implication that shes my sister. I definitely switched the mode as it says standard at the top.

I couldnt find the incest patch to delete if that means anything.

also it possible to make the incest thing an option at the start so its easier to disable, the game currently auto switches back to taboo every-time i quit. I understand im not a pataron but im seriously considering becoming a supporter, the games pretty much amazing otherwise.


Thanks for alerting me to the Lilly conversation, that should be fixed in the next release!

Making the incest optional via a menu choice is not a bad idea actually, I'll see what I can do about implementing it.

And thank you for considering to become a patron!


Fantastic game, loving every bit of it


I wonder what the hardest part of making a game is


the hardness


Creating the renders in DAZ3D is something with a steep learning curve. And remaining focused on everything. I don't like the testing phase of each release for example, so I have to do stuff that keeps me motivated at that time.


Incredible game and although I wish that you could update every time I finish reading the previous episode, I won't rush you and will be happy to wait for the next episodes. Just a bit sad I can't support you on Patreon or anything like that. The games you create are incredible. Keep it up


Thank you, I hope the sixth episode will impress you too when it drops in December!


I'm sure it will :)

Also as a side note, I expect the game to be just as good if not better than sisterly lust which so far it is, so don't let yourself down ;)

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How do i update the game with my progress?

I want to update it but dont know how to keep my progress

Plz help

Really great games btw. Keep up the good work

Are you playing on Android or on Windows/Mac?

Windows 10

Save games should be stored separately from the game directory, so if you download the update and start the game all of your saves should be there.

(1 edit)

Thanks for the help! Keep up the good work

(1 edit) (+1)

Just wanted to let you know that I love the game! The storyline is so well written that I have honestly skipped past some sex scenes (not all lol) because I want to see what happens immediately after that!  I do have a question, in Sisterly Lust, you made it where the main protagonist could be in a relationship with multiple women with little consequence.  (loved that story too btw).  Will it be possible in this game to do the same?


Thank you! Relationships will be handled very much like in Sisterly Lust, so you won't be penalized if you pursue multiple women. A harem is also one of the planned paths in this game.


I've played other games by the developer and always thought that they had a great grasp of storytelling.  Don't let the adult themes push you away.  Yeah , it's kinda porny but there so much more going on.  This game just pushes it home even more so.  There are definitely some sexy scenes, and they all make sense too with the story.  None of the sex scenes are there just for the sake of sex.  Honestly, the story is so good I almost wish they went with an RPG game rather than a VN.  The lore is fleshed out so well and the characters are likable.  It could be a Mass Effect type of game if they had the resources to make an RPG like that.  The story is just that good.


Thanks for the review! And I'm really happy you highlight the story and world-building as writing is one of the aspects of the development process I enjoy most. A full-blown RPG would have been a dream come true, but unfortunately it's a little bit beyond my skill-set as a developer, I'm afraid.

Hi, I would really love to play this game on Android, but it won't install on my phone. Can you help? 

Do you have space left on your device to unpack the update? You probably need double the space to actually run it, but I'm not too sure about the exact requirements. Sisterly Lust's system requirements of 3GB RAM and 6GB free storage space might apply here too.


After deleting some unneeded stuff from my phone, it installed. Thanks. Good to know for later. 

Glad to hear you got it working!

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