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My favorite game creator doing his,her best <3


Well  done !! Have Sisterly Lust on Steam,  This looks like it will be just as enjoyable.  Cant wait to see it to completion!!  Will watch forr this on Steam also.

in the android  port i am not able to make saves because whenever i try to save it asks to enter  a save name and my keyboard doesnt work at that part


I enjoyed this. I see you have more movements then with your other one.. I still enjoy this one. I like to know how can I get more of this one. I don't mind paying this time


The next episode (4) will be published one month early for patrons over at Patreon. Still hard at work on finishing the update, but it's getting there.



A very well made game! I look forward to the next update


This game is very very beautiful, fun and enthusiastic (:, and a simple question: Will the next update take longer to download or is it close? And if it is close, when (:), thank you for the idea of this game

Thanks! The next update will be available publicly in two months.

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Do the saves appear in the game and don't they load or do they disappear once you've updated the game?

Deleted post

I did the same what poison did... Is there any workaround??

That should work in theory. I'm going to look into it.

I found a fix... Open the game.. Start new game... Save the new game... And then copy your old saved game files in it... It will load old files... If it still doesn't work... Delete files from save and again paste your old files.. It worked for me!!! 


I love this game man thank you for doing this i hope you will be a grown (and i am sorry for my bad engilsh)



Just wanted to drop by to say thanks :) I would love to return the good gesture when I get my stuff in order.


Very much appreciated cheesymeal!


When will the new update be downloaded?  Today?  Because I asked you before to tell me and told me that it will be released on May 25!


Yes, the update will be out today, around 11 PM.

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Hi perverteer.. I love your game.. And i am eagerly waiting for next update.. Could you please tell me when next update will come?? And is their any option of auto update??

Update: i played v0.2, does it contains Content of v1.0??


Thanks a lot Steve! The next update will drop this month (episode 3). If you're using the client it should auto-update. If not, you'll have to download the complete package again. All releases contain the entirety of the game so far. So v0.3 will contain episode 1 and 2 as well.

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Thank you so much for reply. What is client?? How can I get it? I am playing game in android phone.. Not in pc.. Is auto update available for Android?? 

Update : nevermind.. Found it... It's for windows, mac and Linux.. 

Can you added a trap sex scene?


A trans and futa character will feature in the game at some point.

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Perverteer without a doubt one of the best with Drpinkcake in this genre Sisterly lust his first work was already excellent, but I feel a huge potential coming from TFTUV in spite of the less worked scenes than his first work, we feel that the story is meant to search with a universe to the Mass effect and some other inspirations of sci-fi I can't wait to see the accomplishment of this project when it will be completed.
Anyway, I wish you good luck for the future.

hey while releasing the third release can you also add persistent save to it?

Do you mean for Android? Because saves should be persistent for Windows, Linux and Mac.

yes for android

I'll have to look into that. I'm not sure if the game's framework actually supports it out of the box.

You can try asking the66  maybe he can help you with it i guess ?

Maybe I will, though I'm not sure he's willing to part with that information as it's a feature of his own Android packages.

no problem if not possible just wanted to ask if possible would be helpful

When will version 3 be downloaded?

The public release is on May 25, here and elsewhere.

Will there be new clips in the update, or just fixes?

It's a full episode, so more storyline, images and animations. Bugfixes are mostly released as soon as they're done.

how many episode include in this game?

The current download contains two episodes, this number will bump to three after the public release this month.

Ok i wanted to mention a few things im gonna list them off

1. You mentioned a lot of fetishes including sub/dom and futanari ..when are we gonna seee them and what are some future planned fetishes.

2. By bi monthly i guess u mean once every two months but still wanted to confirm is it once every two months or twice every month.

3. On your patreon page where you have mentioned the link of v0.2 for public and v0.3 for patreon you have mentioned the release date with year 2019 which may create confusion instead of 2020

1. The first futa scene will occur in Episode 4.  Sub/dom, pregnancy, incest and harem are future fetishes that will happen. Other stuff like tentacles or whatever tickles my fancy might be included, but there's no firm timeline on that.

2. Bi-monthly is once in every two months, in this case.

3. Whoops, it always takes half a year for me to adjust to the new year... Changed those dates as Episode 3 was just released.

Are you planning to somehow include chastity fetish? That would be cool 

That would be a hard one to implement, I think. I'll take it into consideration.

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Has anyone else noticed the wedding picture of Susan, Liz, Bella, Rachel and yourself, next to another one (I believe it's from Susan/Mrs. Smith's novel?) from SL. ^^

Makes me wonder, what would be the lore of how they got on a refurbished Space-plane? :D

Nice easter-egg!

When is the whole game going to be released??

That's going to take a while. I'm developing the game currently and releasing in installments (episodes) bi-monthly. There's no clear deadline for the completed release.


Hello ! I created an account just to say that I love this game !

Also, I don't know if that's just from my computer, but when I go into the episode 2 scene gallery, the only things that are displayed are scenes from the episode 1.

Just wanted to point that out in case it's something no one did ! But I loved those scenes and I hope we'll see more of them !

Thanks a lot! Going to check the scene gallery out, but there should be an "EP02" label on the bottom of the screen. There'll be plenty more in the upcoming episodes!

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I witnessed the same problem too. I would go to the gallery and click Epo2 but it would just show the first eps ones. 

I was talking about this ! Sorry for being unclear, this is what wasn't working.

The same thing happens for both episode 2 and 3 on Android version.

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From your report it sounds like Android can't find the files. I don't have an Android device myself, so I can't test this I'm afraid, but I'll ask around on the Discord server if any other Android players have the same issue.


I literally just made an account (hence the name) just to say that this has to be one of the best visual novels ive ever played, and the best for its category, cant wait for new content


Very glad to hear that! Hope you're going to enjoy what's coming.

i need your help. When i download the game file my laptop automatically deletes the file. 

Could it be that your antivirus is interfering by quarantining certain files?

Hello so far I've played SL and i loved it I'm going to try Tales from the unending void but I'm curious about how long you're expecting each update to roughly take? 


The development of Tales From The Unending Void is on a bi-monthly schedule, the second episode will drop this month.


Thank you for the information, I'm looking forward to seeing the game develop  :)

hello, a French translation planned?

I would certainly like to include it. The translation included in Sisterly Lust is a fan translation, so I rely on the work of others in this case. I don't believe there are fan translations of Tales From The Unending Void in existence at the moment, if so I'll be sure to include them.

I could try (if i got the time) but i can't promise anything

I would volunteer for a german translation

That would be awesome! It's a lot of work though. If you send me an email at I could set you up with the necessary translation files.

Any one not able to install on Android. I'm on the latest update of Android. It installs as a .bin file. 

Will it be out soon on this website for the next part?


March 23 will be the public release date for episode 2.


cant wait for the second episode, any news on when that will come out

Certainly, the episode is out now for patrons and will be available around this time next month.

when will the relations the sisters start developing?

That will take some time as I want to properly set everything up. So a slower burn, but hopefully with a more powerful pay-off than in Sisterly Lust.

haven't even played it yet but I know it's good cause the last one game was amazing.


This was an amazing game. Any idea on when I'll be able to complete the story. Because now I need to finish this story haha


Thanks! I'm hard at work on the second episode and episodes will be released bi-monthly. I'm working on this title on my own and I have a day job, so my spare-time is limited, I'm afraid.


Bi monthly works for me. I just wanted to know when I can kick some alien booty. Lol

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Thanks a lot, really glad you like the extra touches too!

Are the space shots supposed to be that dark? I know it is realistic, just checking.


Yes, those are a little on the dark side. Future space scenes will feature different lighting.

Looks interesting but I haven't gotten too far yet!

Correction: "it's share" should be "its share".  (Possessive its doesn't have an apostrophe - yes this is a crazy exception.)

"Genetically they're twins" confuses me, because it implies identical twins, but Eva and Lilly don't look the same.  If you meant them to be fraternal twins I would word that differently.

That wasn't the point of the comment.  They meant that they were twins but nothing alike. Clearly they aren't identical twins as they aren't identical. I believe the comment was more like "they may have the same Gene's but they couldn't be more different". Also, if you're gonna post every single grammatical error, maybe you should just send a message to the creator listing them instead of filling up the entire page with individual mistakes.

If they are fraternal twins they *don't* have the same genes, that's why the statement is misleading.

I meant similar Genes, like siblings would have. However, it is possible that they are monozygotic twins because the only thing I noticed really different was the hair color, could just be dyed (which usually happens with identical twins as they want to differentiate themselves). Either way, my point was I got the point of the statement which was to say the two sisters were polar opposites.

Minor quibble, but "athletics meant, I often" should not have a comma.

"about what do next" should be "about what to do next".

"the Kit and Celine's tent" should be "Kit and Celine's tent".

"when the finally joined" should be "when they finally joined".

"grief for these" should be "grieve for these".

I debated whether to even post this one, but while "dampening all frequencies" isn't incorrect, this idea would usually be expressed as "jamming all frequencies".  Based on previous writing I assume you are ESL and might not have heard this expression in English, but if I'm wrong or you don't want feedback like this feel free to let me know.

"Despite that fact that" should be "Despite the fact that".

"alleviate of the tension" should be "alleviate the tension".

"will come in firing" should be "comes into firing" and "shot upon" should be "fired upon".

"shoot as us" should be "shoot at us"

Thanks a lot for all the corrections! I'll have a look into the twin issue. Frequency dampening is a thing, I think, but I'm not sure it applies to communications, so I'm going to go with your suggestion. English is indeed my second language, so if you spot more of these I'd be happy to know about them.


Ok now I've played it... So far it's fucking brilliant... Definitely want to see a whole lot more soon, can't wait to have my own space Harem and the story so far is definitely Gripping.

So far the only suggestion/ feedback that I have is that In the future updates if possible I want to see a little more focus on the Animation during NSFW scene's, I find that it definitely helps when there are a few more frames of Animations that help to smooth out the motion and feels less like a bad frame rate from a FPS game otherwise I love everything so far... I just want to see more sexy smooth animations, not saying add more sex scenes but just a little more put into it

Thats me looking from the standpoint of someone who has high standards so if you can't or don't make those adjustments that's fine I'll still love this game from what I have seen... Phenomenal job mate.

Thanks a lot, really glad you liked it! On what hardware are you playing the game? The animations are smooth on my end, but maybe there's something else going on that prevents playback in some way.

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Has a Star Wars look! Can't wait to try it. Hmmmm. No relationship tracker screen? Lust, Trust, Friendship?

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They're probably an Amazonian culture that kidnapped my Sister. They'll likely try to indoctrinate her and she'll be safe until I rescue her. The message for the Commander is probably that "She can go Fuck herself for not rescuing my sister immediately and damning orders to Hell." Well Perverteer. That's a Hell of a temporary stop point.... So Far Fucking A+++.

Deleted post

A friendship tracker might be a good idea in a future update. There are no points this time, but it might be nice to have an overview of the girls you're in a relationship with.

Thanks for the glowing review!

Agreed Perverteer. How your girls feel about you is a pretty Critical bit of information when the Entire Story revolves around building a relationship with them (ass-orted sex scenes being of secondary import)...

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