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im confused, which ones do i download to play on windows as a new player??


what episode will season two end on. just wondering for the steam release


Probably 22 or 24.

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Can't install on android when downloading it states that i download 1.70 gbs but only install 1.59 gbs and won't install

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why is my relationship with Ziv going away. I didnt lie to her in the previous episode. is it because i proposed a harem to her? Or does are you just not able to be together if your dating multiple others?

i got the same bro

Hey, I was looking to buy the Steam version and was wondering if the game works on Steam Deck? 

Is should work. I've had some reports about Steam Deck issues in the past, but none for over a year now.

So how do I play the new update? I download it and do everything I normally do, and I don't see any option to launch the application. 

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On what platform are you trying to play? Windows, Android or otherwise?


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Have you downloaded and extracted the right package? If so, do you have any antivirus software installed? Sometimes the game gets falsely flagged as a virus and the .exe file is quarantined/removed.

Can't seem to be able to download v19 on android

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Hello Perverteer, I've tried to contact you inside Patreon (Patreon itself says it's possible to contact a suspended creator, but it's not) and through any kind of private messaging or e-mail address, but I wasn't able to find one. This comments section is the only means of communication I've found, so sorry if this isn't the appropriate channel but I really tried anywhere else.

The issue is I just had subscribed to your Patreon with a Super Fan tier when your account got suspended, I was barely able to get the extra scenes game but I couldn't check any more content because it was and remains suspended since then.

Should I just cancel the subscription? It looks like in 10 days I will be charged again for a total of 30+30 days, which for now I could only access for like 3 days... which is MAJOR BS.

I want to make it clear that I'm not blaming you for this, Patreon had me waiting for 2 weeks because one of their services was broken, so I have first hand knowledge of their response times.

Thank you


Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out. The situation with Patreon really sucks and I've been unable to use the platform for the past few weeks. Just today I got the message that my account was unsuspended, so you should be able to access everything again, including the extra content.

If you need anything, just reach out here, via email ( or via Discord DM.

Thank you, I've just read your announcement inside Patreon so I'm going to cancel the membership there and wait for your webpage to be ready.

Being robbed out of several weeks of access after paying, with no knowledge about when or if it was actually coming back, is something I can't forgive.

Yeah, the situation sucks majorly. You should at least have access until your subscription runs out, but it's a very shitty situation.

Any other way to support you? Is it only the free version on here?  

Thanks! I have a SubscribeStar set up, that seems to be the best currently to support me:


The sudden Patreon policy change is fucked...

What happened?

Blacklisting and deleting accounts of lewd game developers

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nothing sudden about Patreons policies at all, it is in fact not a policy change at all for Patreon.. they just finally caught up and started enforcing thier policies. different story for though, this absolutely is a new policy for them. 
some of us have been trying to warn you for years, and many of us withdrew our support for patreon long ago for this very reason..
you know all those posts on this website where ppl say stuff like "do you have another way of purchasing the game, cos i wont use patreon", or how almost every other developer now has a subscribestar account (they dont have the power to resist these changes) as an attempt at a solution?
being ignorant and calling others paranoid conspiracy theorists makes you #PartOfTheProblem ..
of course it doesnt help that are a bunch of cowards who didn't stand up to the leftwing extremists who run patreon, stripe and paypal at all. they'll happily take yr money for years, but wont lift a finger to help when its crunch time.
eventually the same will happen to steam, cos no one acted when we had time to act. ya'll happily trotted over to patreon and kept handing over money 

Hey, in v0.19, MC suddenly loses the relationsship with Ziv because of something he did. I don't remember what it could be or when I should have chosen better?

So when is the continuation of season 2 coming out ...I'm sure it ended where the confessor and Agust took the key from the temple and we were about to steal it

This game is really good.
What's the problem with your Patreon site?
There is information that you are being checked by the Patreon team and the community rules are displayed.

Yes, my account was flagged. I'm trying to sort it out, but their support team take a good while to reply.

Can you turn off Futanari content and if so how


Short answer yes but listen. The "futa" is an alien and she has a vagina and penis if your thing is gay stuff you can only top her. She is a very nice girl to romance as well. But if you are stone cold against it you can just not romance her. There is one scene where you have one of her species trying to force herself on you but you can resist and nothing happens.


if it has a penis, its not a "girl" or a "she". still counts if it chops it off.

Oh this is going to get me shouted at because I'm not sure I have the right words to express myself properly.

On Earth, strictly genetically speaking, there are 2 sexes for the human race. An individuals upbringing, biology or potentially personal preference may lead them to believe, rightly or wrongly, that they were born the wrong sex. Nothing wrong with that, as long as it causes no-one harm let people be who they want to be.

There are cases of humans being born with both sets of genitalia, a "Hermaphrodite" in these cases one of the sets of reproductive organs tends to be non-functional for reproductive purposes, in some very rare instances a "true Hermaphrodite" can be born where both sets of genitalia function. In both of these instances though there tends to be a pre-disposition to lean towards either female or male sexual roles.

But we're talking about a Fictional Alien here, our biology doesn't apply. So shut up and let the man write his story. Dick.

but 'male' and 'female' is a term that is not restricted to the human species, its not even restricted to the animal genus, it is a universal term in and of itself that refers to the process of sexual reproduction, regardless of the type of life involved.
he has not invented some fictional 3rd alien sex, something which fits into the established order, for example there may have only been "car" sex and "parking bay" sex, and he could have invented, say a "cars bay loader" sex. he didn't do that. he just did the same old delusional thing - calling one sex by the other sexes name. he's calling the parking bays, cars. and while there is something wrong with that, very very grammatically wrong, it wouldn't matter if he kept that aberration in his own mind, but instead he is now trying to communicate to others with his nonsensical language that is clearly not English, Italian Polish or Russian, as advertised in the games description.

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I mean….you're wrong about it being a “universal term in and of itself” as there are species that don’t have a male and female pair, as an example the Amazon Molly reproduces entirely asexually as do over 2000 other species on earth. You’re right up to a point though, he didn’t invent a sex, he invented a species, an entire alien genome untied to our biological rules. Let me ask you straight though, what sex is Ziv?

i can't download season one on windows . do you have an alternative link ?megaup would be very nice please .

Sure, here's the link to the latest Windows version:

thank you 🙏

Can you change Camran name

Yes you can.

Is there a guide for season 2?

Best bet if you have questions, join the Discord. Folks in there have been helpful for me.

Enjoying the most recent download of Season two, but it periodically triggers an antivirus warning, and the main .exe file gets quarantine. I restore it and continue.  Have other people reported this?


Is there a difference between this version and the purchased version on steam?

According to the description, the Steam version has some extra scenes.

also is season two finished or still ongoing?


Season 2 is still ongoing. There'll be a third and final season as well.


Great story, love the character development, and not to sound like a perv but the sex scenes are well done. Most of the games I start feel like they are written by a virgin who found a penthouse mag. I just found this game 2 days ago Its in my top 10.

any plans on more games? played your previous and am now trying out this one so far its great


Certainly, I might try my hand at a fantasy game after TFTUV is finished.

Please do. I played your first game and loved it, been waiting for this one to finish before starting. Need more content like yours. o/


"loved it" is an understatement.. sisterly lust basically created this entire genre, alongside Man Of The House. classics of the genre. 

Do you happen to have a link for Man Of The House? I tried searching google but didn't find it. Already have his 1st game and love it and this one

its on steam

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I think this is probably one of the best VNs I've played... the story is interesting, the characters are as well. (PS for anyone reading, this comment has some spoilers if you haven't played yet).

What I found most interesting is the relationship dynamics that really only play out if you start dating all of the women. If you only date a couple or a few, you don't get to see the expansion of those relationships (ex: dating lilly or celine and not dating the other one, you lose out on all the Lilly/Celine fall out and reconciliation). Essentially, the game actually becomes more interesting if you end up dating all the crew, than if you only try to date some of them. I bring this up because I honestly couldn't see a way that the MC could date everyone without being a villain, but you actually made it believable. I went into a second playthrough telling myself that this time I would select the, let's say, more "cruel" options whenever we're allowed to choose, because I thought that's the only way the character would make sense while dating all of them. However, I gave up on that less than half-way through when I realised you would be weaving all the relationships together (also I can't stand being cruel, even for a game lmfao).

I do appreciate that when you are cruel, if you choose those options, the girls get pissed off at you. I'm wondering if being cruel cuts off options of romance, or if it veers off into the girls being more submissive? (Kind of like the choice you can make with Jade).

I also don't know if you're interested in this kind of feedback, but I did see another comment bring up dating Thym. I was wondering if something with him could be unlocked, after you've successfully chosen a few things: my thought would be that after you've made it clear you're not a raging homophobe or transphobe (so with Raene and Ziv), and also after you've sucked them off a couple times, AND said you were open to receiving anal, that Thym could become a potential interest. That way, people who are fully not interested in that would likely rarely, or never, even see that option come up, it would only be people who've repeatedly shown interest.

I also thought, in terms of Vess, that something that could bring a little more realism is if her relationship option (or even just the option to let her out of the brig) would not disappear if you originally choose the option to get angry at her. I think what she did would warrant some anger, but I also think that her looking all pathetic in the brig would make the MC rethink leaving her in there. In the first playthrough, I must have chosen anger or whatever one that basically made it impossible for me to let her out of the brig before the whole arch thing, even though at that point I did want to let her out and I felt that that MC's (and everyone else's) feeling of betrayal had let up.

Sorry for the long comment. I know some people aren't super looking for feedback but the story was so interesting that I had lots of thoughts.


Thanks a lot for the thoughtful comments. To address your feedback, the idea of making Thim available as a partner has cropped up from time to time, but I don't think I'm the right person to write male on male erotic scenes. I've read some male/male romance novels in the past and it just doesn't have that spark for me, so I don't think I'd do a relationship like that justice. Another problem is that it creates yet another story branch for me to develop and the game already is quite expansive for me to keep together.

The same goes for Vess in the brig actually. She'll be freed from the brig eventually, but developing a romantic path post-brig is going to be a lot of extra work to make it believable. With everything else going on (the single relationships and various harem configurations), that's a strand too many I'm afraid.

I'm glad to hear that you find the game more interesting when playing with a full relationship roster. Ultimately these games are about fulfillment, so the game certainly won't punish you went you go for all of the available love interests.

Totally understandable on both counts.

hahaha spotted a reference to a WWII poem in the prologue, "death of the ball turret gunner"


Good catch. It's not the only poetry reference in that sequence though. ;)

Also if i buy the bonus edition on steam can i get a link to play it on android

Do you have a donate option

I don't have a direct donation option, but subscribing to Patreon or SubscribeStar for one month does the trick, if you're willing.

If you buy the game on Steam and provide a receipt via email ( I'd be happy to set you up with a direct download link to the game for Android.

is it fine to just get season 2 or will I have to play through season 1 come back and download season 2

You have to start with Season 1, because Season 2 doesn't contain the content from the first season.


How do I unlock the ex-virgin queen scene?

Hey dude. I purchased this a couple of years ago and loved it. I just noticed the bonus editions are no longer here and that you've now moved to Steam because of policy.  Would it be possible to contact you for a steam key? All the best.

Yes, please send an email to

Any idea when the Steam version for season two will be released?


No release date yet. Season 2 will probably also have 12 episodes and the seventh episode is now in development.


How does one unlock the grateful Vess scene? I thought I chose the 'correct' responses per interaction but it's still locked.

Do the opposite, don't be kind to her 🥺

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I'm waiting for the next season 3


I keep waiting for Kit to snap one day and go all kill crazy and slaughter the whole crew from being sex starved because every time the game says "go yourself" or "let Kit go" I choose "go yourself". Plus I'm in a relationship with pretty much every lifeform on the ship except for Thim, leaving nothing for Kit. Lol

In my second gameplay I let Kit go a few times, just out of pity, and if it were up to me I would even date Thim. (No ironically I would date him :V)


I really like Thim's character, he goes from being a jerk to a friend.

How do you get jumping jade sence 

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Im unable to download the Season one for android but do you have any alternative link for it? 


This link should still work:



Is incest optional or not?

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It's optional if you don't want incest then don't follow the path for those characters it's that simple 

Pretty new to all this sorry.

on android how do I update version but keep my save?

If your saves are stored in Documents/RenPy/com.perverteer.tftuv installing the update shouldn't remove those files.

Thabks it did all tbe work for me haha was just making sure i didnt mess up anything.

Great episode so far

I've played the whole game but all my data got cleared when I got a new phone. I've downloaded and opened season 1 but I still can't play season 2. Do I really have to play all of season 1 through to the end before it will let me open season2?

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If all your data was cleared all your saved games were wiped as well. Season 2 needs a final Season 1 save to import all the choices you've made. It won't open without one.

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