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Sisterly Lust is a a choice-based visual novel made in Ren’Py and the first in many I hope to create.


Until recently you’ve lived in a different part of the country with your father. Your parents divorced when you were very little and the family was ripped apart after a fierce custody battle. Your mother took her three daughters home, while your father moved away with you. You haven’t seen your family since and any attempts at communication were very much discouraged by your father.

But now, everything has changed after his sudden death. During your fathers funeral you were approached by a woman you instantly recognized as your mother. She asked if you would be willing to go home with her, meet your sisters and be a family again.

You hesitantly said yes…


The game is built on choices that will have an impact on the gameplay. Each main character has two statistics; Trust and Corruption. Scenes will unfold based on those two parameters. Be careful not to lose the trust of any of your siblings, otherwise your stay at your new home will be a very short one.


All main characters (including the protagonist) can be named, they include the older sister, middle sister, younger sister and mother.


  • Incest (Brother/Sister, Mother/Son, Brother/Sister/Mother)
  • Anal
  • Lesbian
  • Corruption
  • Voyeurism
  • Masturbation
  • Teen
  • MILF
  • Group Sex (Optional)
  • BDSM (Sub & Dom, Optional)
  • Pregnancy (Optional)
  • And much more!

Bonus Edition

The bonus edition, priced at $15, contains 23 extra sex scenes featuring not only the main characters, but also several of the side girls. In addition you'll receive a set of special renders and a walkthrough guide. 

Running the game on Android

You might not be able to start the game due to an error. This could be due to the app not having permissions to write to storage. If you allow Sisterly Lust permission via information screen it should run properly.

The minimum requirements for installing the regular game are at least 3GB RAM and 6GB free storage space. Please download the compressed version if you don’t meet those specifications the game might not install.


Download NowName your own price

Click download now to get access to the following files:

v1.0 (Free Edition, Uncensored) 1 GB
Version 7
v1.0 (Free Edition, Compressed, Uncensored) 417 MB
Version 3
v1.0 (Free Edition, Uncensored) 1 GB
Version 7
v1.0 (Free Edition, Uncensored) 1 GB
Version 7
Sisterly Lust - Wallpapers.zip 83 MB
if you pay $3 USD or more
Walkthrough-v1.0.pdf 110 kB
if you pay $5 USD or more
v1.0 (Extra Scenes Edition, Compressed, Uncensored) 514 MB
if you pay $15 USD or more
Version 1
v1.0 (Extra Scenes Edition, Uncensored) 1 GB
if you pay $15 USD or more
Version 1
v1.0 (Extra Scenes Edition, Uncensored) 1 GB
if you pay $15 USD or more
Version 1
v1.0 (Extra Scenes Edition, Uncensored) 1 GB
if you pay $15 USD or more
Version 1

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Just finished my full play through of EsE Sisterly Lust and I got to say this game was great. Love the story and the characters and it took a few tries but I finally got the perfect ending (thanks for the walk-through). But my only gripe is for some reason there was no background music don't know if that's a bug or there is no music in the game. Other from that you have great game here.

What is it with that incest porn everywhere? Seriously? I don't get it.

Whereever you go, everthing that could be just some random normal porn is labeled incest porn these days. Did I miss something?

Why can't we just whip some cream to avarage couples having fun?

I am really confused... (actually has nothing to do with this game ... )

Is there a way to get all the women pregnant? I only could do it with Susan

Nevermind, i just completed my third walk and get everyone pregnant except sasha and the other two girls

I purchased on steam to support.  Just thought you would like to know.  I did it there, because, I just don't fully trust this website.  It was a good choice to move to steam.  Are you putting your other games in Steam?


Thanks a lot! I think itch.io is just as trustworthy as Steam, but I'm glad you supported me either way. Tales From The Unending Void and any future projects will also be published on Steam if they allow it.

peverteer good game man hope there is a 2nd game coming out i have a question though how do you have sex with all of the girls then get married to them for example i cant get mrs smith the girl in the office where mrs smith works or liza do you know how? hopefully you read this


Thanks for the kind words! There's indeed a second game coming out, a new episode was just released today, find out more about it here.

The relationships with the main girls are established fairly early in the game, in the case of Mrs. Smith you need to investigate her workplace and successfully complete the test at Discreet. As for Liza, you need to deal with her boyfriend (take a job at the supermarket), take her out to dinner and generally be nice to her.

(1 edit)

do you have to sign the contract at mrs smith workplace? hopefully you read this

Yes, that's a requirement.

hey perverteer what i meant by 2nd game like is there gonna be a sisterly lust 2? or no :(

Ah, I'm very busy with Tales now, but still toying with the idea of returning to Sisterly Lust at one point, maybe to do a short episode involving one of the girls.

Do you get to have sex with your sisters and mom in the free edition and if so, how would you do it? 

I've played through once and didn't get to have sex with anyone in the family. I understand it's a choice game but there was no signs of me even getting close anyway

You can have sex with your family in the free edition of the game. The key choices are at the very beginning. Taking Rachel out on movie night, standing up to Liza's boyfriend and taking her out to dinner, dealing with Bella's money problems and investigating Susan's workplace. Susan is one of the few characters who can be romanced later on on Day 15, but that closes a portion of her storyline.


Downloaded for shits and giggles and was suprised at the quality.  Well done!  Though I'm not one for incest, the storyline ended up pretty endearing and I really like the use of 3D models.  I look forward to checking out your other VN.  A suggestion though...There are quite a few women who are looking for mature VN's.  I'm sure if you created a female MC based VN (reverse harem) you might be surprised how many would be interested.

Thanks a lot for the compliments! A strong female protagonist would be fun to do, but very tricky on the other hand. But it's certainly something to think about.

What's the difference of the compressed version to the free edition 1.88gb?

The compressed edition says it's only for Android. It's just a smaller download I believe but I could be wrong

The compressed edition is intended only for the Android devices that can't run the normal build. 

Did you remove the penetration scenes from your Steam release?  If you did, why?


There were a couple of cosmetic changes, but I didn't remove anything from the Steam release, it's just as complete as the version here.

(1 edit)

Ok.  Was wondering because I read the game description.  It threw me off.  Thanks, and keep up the good work.  It could have been my dyslexia.  My bad.

how to develop relation with Rachel

basically you gotta masterbate to anas pictures then u keep masterbating till rachel catches you then after that you keep talking to her till u can have sex with her

can you tell me exactly which day Ana sends those pictures

i honestly have no idea i think when she comes to the coffee shop with alina after that

like before belugioo or after that ?

Long, long before. The masturbation scene is fairly early on in the game, before you and Rachel go to the movie.

(1 edit)

how do you keep masturbating i got to this point on day 5 and i just masturbated then immediately went to sleep

Hi where can i get the full walkthrough for sisterly lust thankyo

It's included at the $5 price point here on itch.io.

Check out the work of the Dutch artist Denise Rosenboom. She reminds me a lot of the character Rebecca. I can't post a link here, but you can find her on FB.  

Haha! She's more focused on the female anatomy it seems. :D

I want one of her pendants.


I really like the game. It’s very fun. My only question is which 3D modeler did you use to make the characters?

Thanks! I use DAZ3D for all my artwork.

Thanks for the reply, although I have two questions left: Did you make the models yourself, or you purchased something and modified it to your needs? If the later, then what did you buy to make the genitals and cum look so good?

The models are from the DAZ store. The genitals are from a store called Renderotica, some of the cum assets come from there too. I also used a couple of cumshot brushes in Photoshop for a while.

Game is really good, however I might have found a bug or just missed something. I was on day 35 and it just skipped to day 136 or 137 something like that, all of a sudden "Bella" is with child and "Liza" has a fiance..Im so confused now and worried it broke or I did something? Although keep up the great work!

There is a time jump around that time, to accommodate for the pregnancy content in the game and to move the story along to its conclusion.


need to say i love this VN Fell in love with the charachters!!

(1 edit)

Firstly I love the game and thank you for making it :) secondary I got an crash with the Bella Rachel  + pregnancy route. The version is the windows version of v1.0 (Extra Scenes Edition, Uncensored)

While running game code:
Exception: DynamicImage u'ending_r_b[pregnancies]': could not find image. (u'ending_r_b_pregnant_r_b')

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "endings.rpyc", line 61, in script call
  File "endings.rpyc", line 105, in script
  File "C:\Games\itch_games\sisterly-lust\SL-1.0-Uncensored Edition Extra Scenes (PC)\renpy\ast.py", line 1274, in execute
    show_imspec(self.imspec, atl=getattr(self, "atl", None))
  File "C:\Games\itch_games\sisterly-lust\SL-1.0-Uncensored Edition Extra Scenes (PC)\renpy\ast.py", line 1153, in show_imspec
  File "C:\Games\itch_games\sisterly-lust\SL-1.0-Uncensored Edition Extra Scenes (PC)\renpy\exports.py", line 717, in show
    sls.add(layer, img, key, zorder, behind, at_list=at_list, name=name, atl=atl, default_transform=default_transform, transient=transient)
  File "C:\Games\itch_games\sisterly-lust\SL-1.0-Uncensored Edition Extra Scenes (PC)\renpy\display\core.py", line 1077, in add
  File "C:\Games\itch_games\sisterly-lust\SL-1.0-Uncensored Edition Extra Scenes (PC)\renpy\display\transform.py", line 677, in set_transform_event
  File "C:\Games\itch_games\sisterly-lust\SL-1.0-Uncensored Edition Extra Scenes (PC)\renpy\display\image.py", line 717, in set_transform_event
  File "C:\Games\itch_games\sisterly-lust\SL-1.0-Uncensored Edition Extra Scenes (PC)\renpy\display\image.py", line 651, in find_target
    raise Exception(error)
Exception: DynamicImage u'ending_r_b[pregnancies]': could not find image. (u'ending_r_b_pregnant_r_b')

SL 1.0
Fri Feb 28 04:24:17 2020


Thanks a lot! I'm going to check it out.

You are more then welcome I hope it help :D
oh an it is the Itch version I am using if you where in any doubt about it .

Found something interesting when replying the route to see if there was something that could be recreated.
I got this ingame error some days before the game crashed

Image 'day139_movie_b_room_pregnant' not found.

it did not crash until after the wedding night just like last time.

Not sure if it has any connection to the error but still a missing image can have a ripple effect :)


Thanks! That one has been reported before so it should also be fixed in v1.1

Great to know thank you very much for your reply :D
I hope that the other bug will be easy to find as well :D

hi, so i'm new on pc and i wanted someone to explain me what to do after downloading bc when i open the file, it send me in a archive app on my computer. Could you help me 

If you downloaded the game you end up with a zip archive, you have to uncompress it and then you'll be able to play by clicking SL.exe.

ok i"ll try it thanks

I just uncompressed it, and it told me the file was corrupted :(

Have you tried to unzip with 7-zip? Or it could be that the download didn't complete fully.

I think the download is broken, my winrar keeps saying the file is corrupt when I unpack it

(1 edit)

Yeah So at this point I'm sure its the download that's corrupted, Perverteer has a link to his website further down in the comments that has a different download link to the same game, and the file is around 2x the size and runs fine. Hopefully it gets fixed soon, easily the best RenPy game I've found on this site.

Here's the link for anyone else who needs it.

Which download is giving you trouble, the Windows version? There are two compressed versions for Android (at around 514MB), but other than those all downloads should be a little over 1GB.

(2 edits)

The Windows download link. The link on itchio never worked for me but the one on your website works just fine. If I remember correctly the file size was larger on your website too, but I could just be wrong.

Quick edit: the link itself works, but the file is corrupted

That's weird. I've just downloaded the Windows file from here and got a 1.9GB file which unpacked correctly with 7-zip.


Yeah I'm not sure what's up then,  I figured it was something to do with the mega link since I got one to work but not the other. Either way, might be smart to advertise a mirror link or something in case anyone else has an issue.

Great game btw, you do a great job at throwing in a lot more plot and philosophy in there rather than it just being a bunch of sex scenes. Will definitely be following your other projects if you're working on any other games.

I'm still having trouble getting the younger sister as well ass the other

I have an important question, I have had it with all the girls, but how do I go about it with Liza, what are the important points that I get together with her ?


The most important points are early in the game. Standing up to her boyfriend (eventually exposing him after working at the supermarket) and taking her out to dinner.


I enjoyed the game, especially the artwork. All the ladies in this game are sexy af. Incest isn't really my thing, but once i got passed that I had fun trying to navigate the ins and outs of juggling multiple relationships. There is a lot of story here, tons of sex scenes, an abundance of decisions to make, many fetishes to explore and as previously stated sexy af ladies galore. I highly recommend this game to anyone that likes the incest thing or can at least get past it. There are paths that you can take to avoid that part and still enjoy the game. A big Thank You to the creator!

I'm having trouble finding out the right path to get them all I keep only getting older sis and middle sis when I want them all

I just finished the game and got all of them, plus a couple of  extra ladies to join the family. So it is very possible, just keep trying you'll get them eventually.

I try to install on my android device but the message "Application not installed" appears

My device architecture is arm64

(1 edit)

This only happened after upgrading to v1.0

(1 edit)

Do you meet the system requirements of at least 3GB RAM and 6GB free storage space? If not, you might want to try the compressed version available here on itch.io.

I keep getting a message when I try and extract the game files that "images.rpa" are creating an error and I cannot extract the files. Any way to get that to work?

On which platform is this and what is the error exactly?

I am on Windows, and the error says, "An unexpected error is keeping you from copying this file". It says it is an unspecified error for images.rpa

That's weird, I've never seen that error before. Are you sure there's no antivirus in the way? Have you tried the download hosted on my website: https://perverteer.com/sisterly-lust/downloads/ ?

With what characters are the extra scenes with and how many are there? Cause I'd like to get an idea of what id be getting with my 15 dollars.

The bonus edition contains 23 extra sex scenes featuring the main characters, but also a lot of the side girls. Those scenes were voted on by patrons while the game was in development. I've updated the game's description with the information.


Just to thank the creators for making such wonderful game <3

(1 edit) (+1)

aw man, I purposely decided to not pursue ANY of the sisters or mom, and just have sex with ana/alina/kira... and that was a very interesting ending. Mind you I didnt do ANYTHING regarding a relationship with any of them (went to the movies with the youngest sister but i dont think that influenced anything)

So, James near the end (after I told him to go after the youngest sister), suddenly mentioned wanting a threesome, despite the talk of him and ana never happening.

Then I got to the endings;

- you continued to live with your mother until you moved out

-oldest sister got married to brody, then divorced him after 3 years

- middle sister's photographs went on the net and she moved out

- youngest sister grew into a careerlady and an independant woman

- You apparantly got MARRIED to Ana, but you still have sex with alina on a regular basis

-  Ana and James got MARRIED too, AFTER "the wedding" (who'se wedding?) on Belugia, then moved back there.

- You dated Kira for a while, even when married to Ana, and Kira was ok with that.

- James is still your best friend, despite moving to another city

- Brody became a drifter (nice touch with that crackwhore behind him btw)

So urm... that sure was an interesting ending that made no sense in some areas XD. Though I purposely avoided most interactions, this was a hot mess. But awesome :D.

[edit] Huh, this is weird. I loaded an auto-save before the ending because Im sure you (creator) would like to see how this all happened, and suddenly one ending changed; Im suddenly married to Alina instead of Ana?

[edit 2]

Lmao I reloaded the SAME file again and now Im married to Kira. What even XD???

That's certainly an interesting playthrough! I'd be interested in that save file if you still have it. If you want you can contact me at perverteergames@gmail.com. As for the marriages, those are randomly selected (as you've noticed by now. ;)), based on the side girls you've dated.


this game is the best


Very good game. I would love to have it translated into Spanish :D
(1 edit) (+1)

Great game! I have only played v0.23 and missed the announcement that v1.0 was released.

I tried to delete the save files in the c:\sl\game\saves\ folder. But when I launched the game, the saves still appeared. May I know what I should do to delete all the old saves (assuming I want to start from new in v1.0)


ok found the save file locations and deleted them to start afresh.


Is v1.0 going to be publicly released soon? Just finished another playthrough. Cant wait to see where megan goes! Once I can get more money,  I'll be able to support you soon on Patreon! Just got Tales from the Unending Void for the time being! Keep rockin man!


Release of v1.0 is today in a couple of hours. Thanks for considering to support me! Hope you enjoy Tales From The Unending Void as well.


You know what Pervert(eer), you have 1 HELL OF A FUCKING TWISTED SENSE OF HUMOR. Which of course I enjoy. Admitting to my sisters about.... Mother and Youngest Sister walking in the woods... Explosive rage issues... That Family Gathering tomorrow morning......

 WOW!!!! That's going to be 1 FUCKING REVELATION!!! I can only hope... I'm laughing my ass off thinking about my Girls now...



Fuuuuuuccccckkkkkkk!!! Day 139. 4 Pregnant Girls... 1 bathroom.... Holy Fuck. Only a DEEPLY sick and demented pervert (laughing and raising my hand) could enjoy these poor girl's simultaneous Pregnancies. Ty Perverteer. You're FUCKING OUTSTANDING!!! Tales From the Unending Void, I can only Hope it's 1/10 the Masterpiece.


Yes, when you go overboard, you should go overboard epicly. ;)

Precisely. "Go big or go home." Also. "Might as well make a GRAND SPLASH, soak everyone in the pool" (my phrase just now, copyright pending).

(1 edit) (-1)

This VN needs some background music or ambient noise, and sfx could be added like opening doors and using keyboard etc..

Personally I dislike that your sisters don't look like mom, maybe Rachel a bit. 

At some point story got on rails and there was no choices anymore, like around day 8 to day 16. Haven't finished yet. Looks like if you miss some choices, the person becomes irrelevant and just "vanishes" from the story.

Otherwise pretty decent VN.

85% of games don't have sound or music. I just have movies or serials in the background on my TV. Visual and storyline is more important than audio to me.

I agree, it's just that Perverteer have put so much effort to create those backgrounds. A simple ambient in the background would improve the experience greatly. It's basically just a short line of code to be added in the script to make sound playing. I've used Renpy for years myself.

You have written the game in Ren'py. But what about graphics? How did you get that done because they're pretty great

I use DAZ3D and its Iray renderer for the images.


Finally managed the path where got everyone pregnant except Megan (would've loved to get her too). So let's see: Susan, Liza, Bella, Rachel, Adriana, Ana, Alina, Sasha, Miley, Sabine, Kira, Iris, Riley. Anyone left? Oh boy, Max is going to pay a whole lot, isn't he? :)

Wait, did I miss out on Nia, Selena, Rebecca? Or is that not possible?

Nia, Rebeca and Selena can also be part of the "team", so to speak. :D

wait really? Then why did it not work out for me? :(

Did you talk to and visit Nia and Rebecca every time you had the chance?

Maybe the final trigger is in the dialogue before the wedding. I asked Rebecca for example, if she doesn't find it disturbing, marrying my family and having so many other wifus. And she just said they don't have a problem with that here.

As said before, I was all the way on hyper-polygamy and asked everyone if they're fine with this.

Isn't it FUCKING fun just to cum in every girl you can and watch them become Pregnant?

ok please tell me how you got all them pregnant I must be missing something I always try but they never get pregnant

Ummmm.. maybe dumb question but I can't save my game on mobile. Well more of I don't know how and everyone I get on I have to restart, so how do I save the game?

Go to Menu, and Save.

more specific plze I know there is a small menu button on the bottom of the screen but I can't click it?

(1 edit)

I know that for the phone app version, you would need to be able to select the menu. The screen it displays should have save on the left-hand side. Then along the bottom it has "A S 1 2 3... etc" A = auto save menu, S = Save game, the numbers are for extra save space. The same goes for how to navigate the load page.

What a Royal Mind Fuck for your Mother. After the Opera you talk about the Kiss and like it. BLINKING LIGHTS SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER. Then she reveals that she's falling for a Client... No wonder she's Fucking Confused and Conflicted. How will she feel that her son licked her wet cunt until she had an Orgasm. (If she didn't I don't care. I gave her 1 regardless.)

I have two questions.

1/ What is the purpose of James asking Max if can move on Rachel in sleepover day?

2/ Can you get Bella pregnant in dominant scenario?

1. Haha, I was wondering the same. It has no effect.

2. I don't think you can. Because I tried and it didn't work.

The move on Rachel by James can trigger an ending where they end up with each other.

Bella can't be pregnant in the branch where she's your submissive.

Re 1:

I guess it happens in a situation when after the confrontation you decide to pursue relationship only with Bella. Is it correct guess?

Not exactly, Bella has two paths, a romantic and a submissive one. You enter the romantic one by paying off her debts at the start of the game and the submissive one by paying her in installments.

My question is rather about Rachel and James. I guess that she will match up with James only if you neglect her having a choice about Bella and her. Is it correct?

Ah right. Yes, you shouldn't have a relationship with Rachel for her hookup with James to trigger.

(2 edits)

This is a nicely made game. I thoroughly enjoyed. Though I couldn't get Bella pregnant. Not sure why even though I creampied her regularly.

 The characters are very attractive. Though I wish I could have got it on with that dance instructor. She was rather cute. She was looking at Liza and Max with fuckme eyes. 

Could you please add a quick extra scene with the dance instructor?

Bella's pregnancy is only available on her romance route. As for the dance instructor, I really liked her too, but I could never find a good way to integrate a lewd scene with her that fit the story.

May be she can call Max and tell him how she feels jealous about that relationship. Or at least as an extra scene. Pretty please?

That character is too cute too be part of just one scene.

The instructed would have to dance with Max to show Liz how it's done. And then fall for him and change numbers.
Or she could come back while Max is fooling around with Liz and ask if she can join, but that might feel a bit too off.

okay im just a dumbass but how do i like download and play this game when i download it downloads as a winrar file so idk what to do please help

Are you trying to play on a PC or another device? On PC it should be a matter of unzipping the RAR with an application like 7-zip. Or you could just use the official itch.io client.


I'm at day 35 and have enjoyed the game a lot so far. Today I tried looking up a walkthrough guide on the game and downloaded a mod for it. Without me knowing, that mod included an incest patch which I do not want. Until now, the girls all referred to each other as friends but now it's sister and it creeps me out tbh.

Problem is, I can't seem to uninstall it. I've downloaded the game fresh and yet without any saves added to the folder manually, it still somehow finds them with the incest patch.

Any help please?


In the game, do shift-O to bring up console, then type the following to disable incest:

Type exit to get back to the game


You should also delete the .rpyc patch file from the game directory in addition to the console command.

Worked perfectly, thank you!

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