New Android Builds

The Android release has been update with a build using RenPy’s new build system and heavier compression for images. The extra compression results in a smaller build which will hopefully run on most Android devices.


v1.1.6 (Extra Scenes Edition, Uncensored) 371 MB
Version 5 Nov 17, 2021
v1.1.11 (Free Edition, Uncensored) 865 MB
Version 11 Nov 17, 2021

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I decided to return to the game after you posted the new build, just because I missed it. One of the first AVNs I played. And so far... let's say that, although big in file size, the old version never crashed on me or made my music player crash either. Ok, my phone sucks, but the new build has it's bugs too. I might have to look for 1.1.2 again to keep playing. 

where can i get the unofficial continuation script for Sisterly Lust for pc 1.1.4 please? I have never played this continuation of the game before, and would like to try it out for the first time.  Does the unofficial continuation work with any final build? Like i say, I have the latest version of the game for pc, and would really like to try it out, since I really like the characters, it was quite sad when I finished it because that was it, then I read something about it continuing on in an unofficial capacity by someone called mac? thanks

There's no sequel to this game. The continuation you're referring to is indeed a script by Mac which he submitted to me for considering.

oh. so it is not publicly available or anything? thats cool. thanks for informing me :)

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Nope, you'd have to ask Mac if he's willing to share the script, if you'd like to read it.

thanks anyway