Sisterly Lust v1.1.6 (Bugfix)

Sisterly Lust has been updated to v1.1.6 and introduces three new translations. Polish by Bev_, German by Spatenklopper and Traumwelt and Russian by KP TEAM.

NOTE:  The Mac release of the game is no longer a separate download, but has been combined with the Windows/Linux release.

Changelog (v1.1.6)

- Add Polish translation (thanks to Bev_)

- Update German translation (thanks to Spatenklopper, Traumwelt)

- General fixes to all translations

- Allow more characters in input modals (thanks to Bev_)

- Add menu option to open bonus directory (Steam only)

Changelog v1.1.5

- Update German translation (thanks to Michael Wagner, Marcus Schätzle)

- Add Russian translation (thanks to KP TEAM,,

- Fix untranslated strings (all languages)


v1.1.6 (Free Edition, Uncensored) 1 GB
Version 13 Mar 30, 2022
v1.1.6 (Extra Scenes Edition, Uncensored) 371 MB
Version 6 Mar 30, 2022
v1.1.6 (Extra Scenes Edition, Uncensored) 2 GB
Version 6 Mar 30, 2022
v1.1.6 (Free Edition, Uncensored) 359 MB
Version 12 Mar 30, 2022

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This doesn't seem to run on macOS (12.3) at all, despite giving it the right to. It simply doesn't do anything, there is a brief period when the fans get louder as if it was loading, but nothing ever appears in the dock.

Trying to run results in:

Ren'Py platform files not found in:
/Users/XXXX/Downloads/SL-1.1.6-Uncensored Edition Extra Scenes/lib/mac-x86_64
Please compile the platform files using the instructions in
or point them to an existing installation using ./ <path>.
Alternatively, please set RENPY_PLATFORM to a different platform.
(1 edit)

It could be a permissions issue. Did you unzip the archive using the built-in Archive Utility, or another application like The Unarchiver? Is GateKeeper active on your system, or are applications allowed to run from "Anywhere" (System Preferences > Security)?

I tried unzipping with both tools you mentioned, no difference. Also tried changing the permissions wholesale to the most permissive possible. And like I said, the game's been allowed to run, ie. gatekeeper is set to allow from app store and identified developers (there's no "Anywhere" option anymore), but right clicking to Open from the context menu is akin to giving the system the green light to run apps. In any case, the previous version still works this way, and other games as well.

But if this is a problem only I seem to have, then it's probably not worth it to fix, I don't need the new languages so the previous version is fine for me!


Another thing you could try is the following

  • Open
  • Write the following command: xattr followed by a space and drag the from the Finder onto the terminal window
  • Press Enter, it should show as a result. If the text is not shown you’ve likely encountered another issue.
  • If the text is shown, type xattr -c followed by a space and drag onto the terminal window again
  • Press Enter and try to launch the game again.

Hey, that worked! It did show, and then after adding -c the game launched as before.
Thank you :)

From a technical viewpoint, I'm just curious how you got images.rpa (which seems to contain the bulk of the game data) down from 2 gigabytes to just 370 megabytes?


This was an error, I accidentally uploaded the compressed images. I've just pushed an updated build which should remedy the problem.