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how the hell do you get liza????? ive played throught like three times

I seriously love this marvelous creation and have the utmost respect for Perverteer

how do you get the job?

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Just picked up the extra scenes version, I've played through the free version twice and it's amazing. That said, I also just picked up a new phone and now the ES 1.1.3 version will not install. It's definitely not a phone limitation, I'm on the S20 Ultra. I've tried messing with app permissions, install locations and everything else I could think of and it still won't install. Any thoughts?

Glad to hear you've enjoyed the game! I'm not sure what else could be causing the problems. Have you tried the compressed version of the game, just to be sure?

Yup, the compressed version works, but I'd rather not take the hit in quality.  I remember how good it was on my old phone, so the switch to the compressed version felt quite stark. Is there a way I can provide data for a fix? Not sure if anyone else has had the same issue.

Understandable. But if the compressed version runs, it might be an issue with available disk space. Do you have more than 6GB available when you try to install the uncompressed version?

Available disc space at time of install was like 50GB and I have 12GB RAM and a Snapdragon 865 on this phone. It's totally overkill to run the full game.

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so... no gallery in v1.1.3?

i mean, i'm still gonna download it, just wondering if there's a gallery is all


Nope, still on the todo list. ;)

alright, can't wait for it to come out, it'll give me a good reason to replay it, going through the majority of routes.

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I love this game, my only question is after completing it a good deal of times i still cant seem to get lisa. Any insight? Love to see more of her booty besides peeking on her :D

Cant wait for future updates if any game is amazing 


I've played this game through so many times, its great really gets u going, and so many ways to end the game.  My only wish is that there were voice actors for everyone and the sex scenes were animated but other then that 10/10.  You have my support.  

i cant seem to get the susan ending ?

is this game available on apple, I mean can you download it on apple

Yes, there's a version available on macOS. The game isn't available on iPhones or iPads, unfortunately.


Love the game, played several times though but I can’t seem to get with Rachel I did it the first time but can’t anymore.



Day 1 - after naked shower scene, go after her and knock on door, later at dinner be honest about adjustments

Day 2 - spy on girls with James, Spy on Rachel in shower - masturbate and she will expose her breasts. At dinner you can gain her trust by complimenting Liza's cooking.

Day 3 -  do not be negative about Ana's attitude - best to remain silent; At dinner Rachel will ask about your girlfriends - be modest, with continued conversation tell truth about having sex, reassure her about her virginity, questioning her virginity will gain trust and corruption, any boasting from your side will have negative impact. 

Day 4 - you should have asked Liza on a date by now, in order to go shopping and buy dress for liza do not refuse Ana in the morning. while shopping a conversation will give a chance to agree with Rachel and should elicit enough trust to go on a date with Rachel. In the evening propose a date with Rachel if you have talked about it previously. (trust must be more than 4)

Day 5 - Mostly Bella/Liza day. At night if you have already agreed on a date with Rachel you will receive pics from Ana. you decide to jerk off and of course Rachel sees you, do not stop and she will gain corruption, stop and she will lose trust

Day 6 - Movies with Rachel, discuss movie and choose "arousing" Later in the conversation choose "would you like that" Be modest about your sexual experiences she does not like boasting. Do not say that movie was revolting. Later you can visit her bedroom and sleep with her for 1st time, if you refuse you will end the relationship. Encourage her to sleep topless, do not appear too eager. Praise Rachels breasts then Cup her breast before going to sleep.

the next morning touch her thigh but do not remove your hand when she wakes. touching her pussy is a no no at this time.

By now you should be pretty much locked into Rachel path 


Finished the game. Solid, extremely long, and some weird kinks which made me think about what I like and not like. Went back and paid some more, just to show you my appreciation.


Thanks for your support!

Hey dev,

I’ve completed the game with Bella and Susan so far and i’m wondering whether you can marry/impregnate other people, since it only shows up family members in the heart icon. I’m guessing there is another version of the game for that? 

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Apparently you can marry/impregnate lots of the girls, I have not personally pursued that path as I concentrated on family members and tried not to do anything that would damage my familial relationships. I have played thru 5 or 6 times already and latest playthrough married all family members with Mom pregnant. 1st playthrough I only managed to succeed with Rachel. Seems 75% of choices in every relationship are critical to success. An excellent story overall with tons of replayability

I have downloaded the game on Mac, but the actual application is a .exe file so I am unable to run it. Anyone know how to run it on Mac?

Are you sure you downloaded the Mac version? I think the client should pick the right version automatically. It should be a regular application bundle.

Alternatively you could try this direct download for Mac:

Hope that helps!

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finished the game.

I really liked it, keep up the good work m8

I beat the game like 6 times and can not get the rachel route i went to the cinema with her but after that nothing help


If you're supportive of her after going to the cinema you should be able to get her. She mentions things about the movie and you should agree with her. Also, not boasting to her is a key factor in getting on her path.


i still cant get the Rachel route. I went to the movies, didnt boast, and she only saw my dick once! but seriously, all jokes aside i need some help with this


Bro how i got em all first try, for Rachel you should be supportive but not overbearing and seem relatable

same i got almost everyone on my first playthrough lol

That's exactly what I did, but it didn't work. What am I to do after going to the cinema?

nevermind i found out how to get the route

Is there a way to get Valentine to join you on the island?

Love the game I just have one question, is there a way to bring Megan with me to the island or will she always be a distant memory? 

Yes, Megan joins you on the island in the epilogue on certain circumstances. It's just a couple of images, but she's there.


Hi! I just wanted to say I loved this game. I've played it a few times now and finally managed to get the ending where pretty much everyone ends up pregnant. 

Liza is *definitely* my favourite! 

I only have 2 criticisms. Firstly, I would have liked to have anal with all my wives. Secondly, I occasionally like a more kinky experience, and was disappointed that while pegging was mentioned, it was never an option. 

Otherwise, 5 stars. Keep up the good work. 

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Good to hear you liked the game and for the great review!

Anal and pegging for all the characters might be a topic to revisit in story DLC I might create when I finally have the time.

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Is there any new content in updates or are they just bug fixes?

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bug fixes, KT.

i remember one in particular at the end, if you end up with the three siblings (or maybe a combo thereof) and no susan, susan still appears on the beach sex scene regardless.

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It's specific for all three siblings only, without Susan or any other characters.

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finally decide to come back on

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I'm not on that often anymore, so when I seen we all got banned I wasn't in any real hurry to remake an account.

Great game, well written and sexy as hell. One problem, why can't I get sub Bella pregnant?


Really enjoyed it! I went through it a few times and tried different approaches to see the changes in outcome. Very cool!


I just finished the final ending I needed to say I have seen everything that this game is and I must first commend the game for its smooth stories and the true feeling of your actions really make an impact. The story is really good and there were no spelling or grammar mistakes that I took notice of. The idea behind this is something that from the outside seems to be all about incest but honestly there are so many other characters that you can progress through that incest is not the only option or doesn't even need to be in your play through of the game. If the name sisterly lust is what you are worried about because you think it is just about banging your hot family then this game will suprise you in a good way but if incest is your thing then this is definitly something to check out because the story is never forced and once you get past the first couple of interactions with someone and accidently chose the wrong option it will strain the relationship but it is also forgiving. Even if you are looking at the story aspect of it and don't want to play just for the sex, this game has that as well, with crazy characters some with very punchable faces that feel so good too. So please take it from me I highly recommend this game for anyone who is looking for more of the same or something completly diferent because this game has the best of both worlds.


This game is so fucking awesome!,i hope is another project that includes pregnant as optional to,I loved the story 1000/10!!!

Very good work guys!

i was wondering if ur game was safe for mac cause when i try to download it, it says it cant be sure if it had malware or not and recommends i dont download it 

It should be safe. Unless you need to input your password when you want to play the game, for example, in that case I'd run the application through a virus scanner just to be sure.


Bro i love ur Game!


Excellent visual novel. When will be the v1.1.3 delivered on


I'm nearly ready to publish the next episode of my new game for patrons, I hope to release 1.1.3 of Sisterly Lust here after the release.

I guess its probably a longshot, but i dont supose this game has an incest free version as well?

Yes, it's available from Patreon, but you can also revert this edition by using the same commands I detailed in the Tales From The Unending Void comments. Open the developer console and press Shift+O and type: set_special(False), the main menu label should now say Standard Edition instead of Taboo Edition.

Loved it finished with marrying Susan, Rachel, Liza, Bella, Riley, Iris and Adriana. 

Also not sure if the end is same no matter what, but it says I impregnated all of them plus Alina, Ana, Kira, Miley, Sabine and Sasha.

I work really hard for what I want and I failed, I'm so jealous to you, you already successful


Thanks to you dev. For this game i fuck and married them all but im in love with bella so much. Actually looking for a real life girl that looks like bella hahaha thanks again

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I finish all girls stories and end Iris and another girl I forgot name with our family  and married 6 girls in one time

Hi im in day 29 and i have a good relationship with Bella but i want to end up with Rachel is there a way now or is it too late?

Rachel's path is one of the earliest to trigger, in the first seven days. So I'm afraid you're too late in this playthrough.

i played the game from the beginning and now im in a relationship with rachel and im in day 8

bro if you have any doubt ask me I will help you

I need help accessing the Rachel route. Can you tell me everything I need to do  to get started?


What a ride...

I've just been think how hard would it be at add a kink to the bed shortage, i was thinking what if it shared a bedroom with some one maybe his mom or Bela because as mom see's it he paid for the holiday its only fair he gets to sleep in a bed and as long as he behaves him self, and besides its only for a few days what harm can it do we all family any way, and it a double and a king size bed big enough for 3 for mom, him and one of the girls cos and one that way he has to behave or the other will know what hes up to !!!


error in update 1.1.2

the same error as before on day 15 !!!

its a good visual novel, but it has some small mistakes in the wording but one BIG ERROR that broke the reading flow of it and that's when they go on holiday Bella states there is a that's we are missing a bed that there is only 2 rooms with a DOUBLE bed times 2 and a single, a double bed sleeps 2 so 2 double beds equals 4 sleeping and a single bed equals 1, so 4 + 1 = 5, now if it was a DOUBLE and 2 singles that would sleep 4 if you need my help as a English reader i would be glad to re-read and make notes on that need to be changed so the whole book flows and that your not having to stop and correct a sentence in your mind so that it reads perfectly.

your Mr GaTeZ


I'm terrible with numbers, but I think it should read: "I guess it is for five people, but there are only two bedrooms with double beds." instead of "I guess it is for five people, but there are two bedrooms with double beds and one single bedroom."

I'm always interested in any text correction, so if you'd like you can drop me a line at


This does not open at all on android

Does your Android device meet the system requirements? If not, you might try the compressed version and see if this runs on your device.

I did and it still doesn't open it just say thanks for playin

That's one of the loading screens, the main menu should eventually come up, but it might take a while on underpowered hardware.

Hello, just finished the game, it's great, but is there any way to end up in a relationship with Megan or Nia?

Yes, it's possible, though they don't have as many scenes as the main girls. The various choices are a little too complicated to explain here, I'm afraid.

I had finished the game thou but is there any way to make the youngest sister(Rachel-Default name) to fall in love with the MC. Im troubled with rachel thou 

Her trust:8 and corruption:4

I manage to marry the others in the end except rachel

So is there any way/guide or i think we can't marry rachel?

Yes, there certainly is. The early days are key in this case. Be positive towards her, don't boast and try to get her to go to the cinema with you, that's the most important decision in the early game for her.

i invited her to the cinema already

I'm in the same situation, i tried everything but i can't find a way for Rachel. Let me know if you found

Sure bro

There is if be honest nice lustful to Rachel cause she free spiritful she prefer to be free

Is this game completed? Or still has a next update?

This one has been completed, though it receives the occasional bugfixes.

I finished it nice incest game thou Love it

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