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Do anyone know how get Ana and Alina to follow you to the island they dont want to follow me even ask to need help...


Just finished the visual novel and got the full harem ending. This was a very well made story and I am happy to reccommend this to anyone. As well done as this is I can't say it is fully polished yet. During my playthrough I noticed a few visual errors and grammatical mistakes.

To the creator of the game. Thank you for making this novel. It has been an honor and pleasure to read. I will most definitely be playing through againin the future.

Is it possible to get full harem without anybody pregnant?


Yes. When the sisters and mother mention children, click the negative choice. ("No children" for Bella, "Say nothing" for Susan, etc. )This will eliminate the pregnancy outcomes, and if the mother and sisters don't get pregnant, no one else will, either. 

Has anyone else gone down the route to trying to get everyone?

I think a lot of people did. You can get almost everyone.


Really messed up someone would make a game about incest. Sick shit people make and put on places like this.

If you don`t like it.. then just move along  :P

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You must really hate Game of Thrones then (or any other type of fiction that depicts this topic). First, it's not real and all fantasy (which is fine). Second, how about all the games were you go around killing and murdering people? That could be considered sick as well and yet that is considered perfectly fine (most of the time), because NONE of it is REAL! Get what I'm trying to say? Playing this game does not make me want to go out and bang my real sister, just as playing a shooter doesn't make me want to go out and kill people.

And as khairus mentioned, if you don't like it, then don't play it and move along to stuff you do like. It's really that simple.

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Are there any walkthroughs available. I'm on a tight schedule and can't give this game the time it deserves without spending a couple months on it.


There's currently a walkthrough available for $5+ patrons on Patreon. The walkthrough will be made available here at the same price tier once v1.0 is released publicly at the end of next week.

thank you.

hey there, made it to day 144 and never got to do anything with the 2 older sisters (forgot their real names). is this normal?

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Same here, only got relations with bella.  So I am guessing you cant romance multiple sisters at the same time.

nah if you do it right you can have a harem with all the girls including Susan basically visit all of them before the end of every day 

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Hey perverteer, I've been loving the game but I've reached day 26 and after sleeping with bella in the hotel it comes up with the thanks and credits like the games completed, I'm wondering if I've done something wrong, I'm on Android and have the compressed version 0.23 , if I download version 1.0 will there be all the content?

edit: Is version 1.0 available on Android?

That's weird. It shouldn't happen in v0.23 either, both that version and v1.0 contain all the content. Could you perhaps send me your save file just before the credits hit so I can investigate?

Sorry I'm not good with files how do I send it to you because I've have the save file, and this is the last frame before popping up with patron backers then credits 

I just also noticed that no corruption and trust statistics have ever popped up while playing, I honestly didn't know it existed until now and when I click show statistics in menu the game text changes font and gets a bit smaller, but it also goes back a frame when you click for it to continue, and it only happens on certain parts of the screen and randomly, sorry if thats hard to understand 


The exact same thing happened to me. V0.23 on Android. Where can I find the file to send you?

By the way, this is a great game. Nice job 👍

Same thing happend to me. I downloaded the compressed version 0.23 and the game just ended on day 26 when I was with bella

Weird, I'm going to investigate.

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I had a problem.. in the wedding day after the scene on the beach.. it ran into an error and I don't quite know how to get to day 145.. if there is one.. 

What's the error exactly, could you post a screenshot? Most errors can safely be ignored by pressing the lower-left hand button on the error screen, but I'd like to fix it nonetheless.

I don't know if this is a problem.. or maybe im too dumb to fix it lol 

Unfortunately the relevant part (the image name) is just obscured on the right hand side. But you can safely hit ignore in these instances and continue playing.

thank you! :>


Hey, i'd like to start off saying that this game is the absolute favorite of mine when it comes to itch, I've played it a couple times, i'd like to think i explored all endings that have YET to come out.

Though i was never really fond of my sister and i thought i'd rather die than fuck my own sister, this game had me fucking all them sisters, not only the sisters, the moms, friends of the mom, friends of the sisters, friends of the friends of the sister and so on.. You into BDSM? Hey, your mom is too, have a go with her. You like crazy girls? Alina is one crazy son of a bit*h. You've got them all here fellas, you don't need other games, this is THE game, THE game with all you need.. Unless you play through it all and then just... NO, THEN JUST REPEAT AND REPEAT... Until your dry and you end up uninstalling cause hey, you beat the game, you beat the meat and now ur done... NO REINSTALL AND REPEAT THE CYCLE. Yes fellas, that's what a game is truly about... Keeping you enslaved like a fcking bit*h.

Nah but on the serious side, very good game. 10/10, 

Perverteer's About To Make You His...

Glad you enjoyed it!

So... the whole Public Morals Comity (or whatever it's called), you got that idea from Shimoneta didn't you.

I must confess I've never heard of it until you mentioned it. Not that well-versed in the whole anime/manga world.


Really, wow then that is a helluva coincidence. Technically the full name is Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist. Basically the Public Morals comity in that already won at the start and has far more (draconian) power. Be for warned if you watch it... you may lose your appetite for cookies for a while... after the cookie scene with Anna... also your taste for bottle water... thanks to the comity and Anna.

Haha! In that case I might have seen the cookie meme floating around somewhere.

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Her mother is the head of their comity btw.


Hi! I love the game! I have a question tho...
Can you be a submissive in any relationship? If yes, then with whom? And how?

The Discreet storyline features some light submissive roleplay. Other than that you're the dominant player in most of the other relationships.

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I think i just got the almost perfect ending and got everyone except Megan pregnant. So, all sisters, the Mother, Adriana, Alina, Ana, Kira, Iris, Riley, Rebecca, Nia, Selina and the three from Max's past (forgot their names).
Did I miss someone?

You only miss Megan... in v1.0

Good afternoon. If it's not a secret, then with what help did you make the graphics in the game? (Do you have any lessons on this program?). I also want to create my own game, but I can not draw. 

Hey there, I use DAZ3D to create the images in the game, it's a 3D modelling and rendering suite. It has quite a learning curve, but there are many tutorials around.

And what rendering settings are better to use to get a style similar to yours? I would be glad if you tell me or give a link to the lesson.

I use Iray (the rendering engine) to get the look in the game. SickleYield has some nice tutorials: This is a nice introduction:


I made an account just to comment here. Great game man! So many different outcomes makes it interesting. I know it's an adult game where story isnt the main focus, but James is fucking hilarious. The comedic relief feels like it shouldn't belong in this category of game, but it's actually really funny having conversations with him. Gives a fun dynamic that you wouldn't expect in a game like this. Excited to see the update and what new adventures come with!

Thanks! Glad to see some praise for James. ;)

Hope you enjoy what's coming next!

Why? What's coming next?

My new game:

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Here's another little glitch. I've started the game over from the beginning, and it's skipped the opportunity to read DeSade. Problem seems to be that if I visit Bella's room, and then Rachel's, my only other choice is to go to bed. The option to visit Susan's room vanishes. It's like I can only visit two rooms on any given night. So now I'm reading Man With A Maid without ever having seen DeSade. I am sad.

Should be fixed in v1.0!

I thought 0.23 was the end.

It is. v1.0 fixes a lot of bugs and brings Megan's scenes on Bella's romance path. I'll probably release minor releases in the future fixing any bugs that still crop up.

Yes, I missed Megan after I got into the love relationship with Bella.


An excellent game! Though, perhaps I'm missing something here, but is there a guide or something similar on how to romance the women? In my first playthrough, nothing happened between anyone and I'd like to try it again, though I'm not sure what routes to take. Otherwise, a very enjoyable game.  

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There currently is a walkthrough available for patrons at Patreon. I'll publish the walkthrough here on next month as well as part of the purchase of the game.

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So, this is my 1st time downloading anything from anywhere, other than the app store. I downloaded this game, but I can't figure out how to open it. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I'm kind of tech-stupid. Thanks. I downloaded it on my android phone, by the way.

Good choice for your first non "Play Store" approved app. This is a fantastic visual novel. Super hot. The character's teeth are a bit uncanny valley, but you get used to it quickly.

The problem is probably that you need to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources. This option will be in your security settings, under "Device Administration." If you can't find it, it's not because you are blind. It is because the people who made the version of Android your phone is using are condescending pricks who think you are too stupid to be trusted with that option, so they hid it. Samsung phones all do this now, and so do some others.

If this is the case, enabling the option is more involved. If it is a Samsung phone, and they haven't changed the method recently, you need to go into the "About Device" or "About Phone" section of your settings (usually the last one) and tap on the Android Version Number 3 times. You should get a pop-up that says "Developer Options Unlocked" or something to that effect. They made it weird like that so that it would be impossible to activate accidentally. Different phones may have different methods of unlocking Developer Mode. The (possibly outdated) Samsung method is the only one I know off the top of my head. If this doesn't work, you may need to google "Unlock Developer Mode [your phone model]" to find instructions.

Once Developer Mode is enabled, the "Unknown Sources" option will show up in Security settings. Enable it and you should be good to go. Tapping on the .apk file you downloaded will now install it.

Enjoy fantasizing about fucking your sisters of being fucked by your brother or however this gets you off.

Nice wordplay in your username, BTW ^_^ 


i have a question i´ve started playing and would like to know if thers a way to get accepted at discrete inc

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There is. Would you like to know how? There's a certain way to answer the survey.

yes i would like to know pls

If I remember it correctly, I did it with the choices 2, 2, and 3.

Thank you

I'm fairly impressed with the editing quality in the new section of 0.23, but I did run into a quote from Susan, "far to eager" should be "far too eager".

The improved editing quality is also thanks to your earlier corrections. Thanks again and I'll fix those new instances as well, of course. ;)

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Yes, the confusion of "too" and "to" is common throughout. (See my additional examples below.) 

If you feel like being completely correct, I could try to explain the distinction  between "lay" and "lie."

I always forget the rule... :| Not being a native speaker trips me up sometimes. ;)

You do very well. Simple rule is that lay takes an object, but lie does not. So, you lay the book on the table, but at that point, the book lies on the table. So people lie together in bed. They do not lay together. "Rachel was lying there naked." I'm probably the only one who notices.

Another error: In Part II of the Sasha story, you say she was wearing the same shirt, "like she'd just came out of bed." SB like she'd just come...

I can't install the new version on Android. Each time I try it says "App not installed"

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I'm currently troubleshooting this issue and it seems to correlate with the bundle size of the application. Can you perhaps try this compressed version on your device:!cSAWlajb!xiRVsh2H538aGR-s8EwaEco7MiOyHEq1Uu6ubPEqlOs I'd be interested in hearing if it works of course.

I was able to install this one. Thanks. But is it the latest version of the app?

I just wanted to ask if there is an Harem ending in this games UwU. So far I've gone all the way with Redhead (her friends too) and the Goth. Basically all the women that come across. But if I get a bad ending I won't be disappointed xD

Yes, there's a harem ending and it can get quite large!

Nice! Thx for the reply Homs😌

how to you get the harem ending?

Who do you mean with Goth, I think there is non in there?

First of, you should figure out how to get the whole family, because as long as you know how to do that, you just have to do the same, but fool around with everyone else as well, I got everyone except Megan.

You just need to go for love but respect them all. (You can get sub-Bella by disrespecting her, but I couldn't get her pregnant in one run, so I went for the respecting one in my last game)

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This isn't a complaint or anything, just an observation. I'm wondering if all  Victorian English erotica is as violent as the examples you use. I've read the Loves of Lord Roxborough, and that too involves a randy aristocrat imposing his  will on poor relations and a hapless servant girl.  Sure, the women come to enjoy it, but rape is still rape. To get all deconstructionist, the stories seem to be reflections of the empire, with British men doing to women what they were doing to the rest of the world. 

Salome was an excellent choice for the opera, btw. You do know your stuff,

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Most of the Victorian age erotica I've found is male-centric and violent. Of course it was a time full of taboos, so a virgin turned into a cock-craving slut must have surely appealed to many in secret (it still does of course, for a lot of us). The other bits are from De Sade (Justine), who isn't known for his soft approach to sex in general.

Glad you picked up on the opera, the subject matter surely fitted the game and it's one of my favorite musical genres.

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I've read other French erotica from the period, though, and in general it seems to be less aggressive. 

As for the opera, Walküre might have been relevant, too, since it involves brother-sister incest, but it's not at all erotic, and, as Susan says, Wagner is way too much for a novice. I remember reading years ago about a performance in which the soporano in Salome actually appeared nude (briefly), so there is precedent. 

Salome isn't for the faint of heart either, but as you say it's much more sensual than Die Walküre. I think there are even a couple of risqué performances of Salome, I could find at least one of them on YouTube with Beate Vollack dancing the Dance of the Seven Veils.

Just looked that up. Wow.

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How I can install the game in Android?

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I have played the game multiple times, experimenting with different outcomes, and have experienced none of the glitches mentioned in the comments.  What I like is that the names of the major characters can be changed, so I've given Max my name (of course), and renamed the women Mommy, Mandy, Mindy, and Missy. (Little Missy is my girl.) A good tip is to save the choice menus at major turning points, so you can alter the outcomes without having to go back to the beginning. 

A couple of comments:

In the first scene in which the hero sleeps with his mother and all his sisters, you say, "Moans, cries and sighs fill the air as you all make love without abandon."  The proper phrase is WITH abandon, because abandon itself means to be without restraint or inhibition.

And before the big night: "Sleeping with either of the girls seems to soon..." Should be too.

I've noted other mistakes, too, but they are not as glaring. 

If you decide not to get Rachel, the youngest girl, pregnant, in the first solo lovemaking scene with her a couple of months later, she still has her baby belly. 

Too late to change content, I know, but I was hoping Adriana would show up to her wedding in the nude--on the orders of her mistress--and she would insist on marrying the mom as well as, or instead of,  the boy. She is mom's subbie, after all.

On the island, Riley says she doesn't have a bathing suit, but then in the next scene we see her in a bikini. She should have appeared on the dock nude.  Or decided to live without clothes altogether, which would have been yummy. 

Back to the game.

You can change the name in the area of stats.

(2 edits)

Or in the first few frames, as each of the major characters is introduced. I changed the mother's name a few times as the game went on and our relationship changed. 

Really glad you enjoyed the game Dom57! And thanks for the bug reports, I'll be sure to fix those in a future version.

(3 edits)

Still enjoying it, Perverteer.

I'll list other typos or glitches here:

Making love to Liza at the pool: "Her pleading eyes make you want to grant her witsh." wish

First day back on the island with everyone: Susan say, "I think so to." SB too.

Opposite mistake at the wedding dance, when Iris says, "we have a life together to look forward too." SB to.

In the extra scene between Susan and Adriana, you say, "...her tongue is so far up Susan's cunt that Adriana is almost unable to breath." SB breathe.

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First off, I want to say that I got the next to last version a few days ago and I played the crap out of it on Android. Wonderful game. I really wanted to see the endings so when I checked back last night to see the final update I was stoked. 

I downloaded it and tried to update but the update failed. My first install was tricky, had to have double the space needed for it so I figured I'd have to uninstall the old version. I tried installing again and failed. I cleared up more space and failed again. I deleted almost every app on my internal memory (freeing up almost 6gb) and tried again. Failed. Thought maybe corrupt download. Redownloaded and failed again. Maybe settings from old install? Reset all app permissions. Failed again. I've restated my phone after every failed installation (because the staging app part of install causes my phone to think it's suddenly used up 2gb of memory until restarted). It always fails at around 70%. 

Any suggestions on how to get this working? I'm dying to see the end.

(1 edit)

Update: I was able to install version 22.1 again so I don't think it is old data floating around. Trying to update instantly fails. Both copies of the download I have fail at the same spot. I will try downloading it again.

Update: downloaded again, different mirror, same result. Also tried deleting all my other apps.

(1 edit)

I have the same problem but the developer nicely send me this version that probably will help you.!KINC3CQJ!O8p7etJgw_ULflO__bRkh0zCLy3Pq21gu1RRm9kK4tk

Thanks! Downloading it now.

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for the share, unfortunately I have the same issues with that installer. I really wish Android would give an exact error code.

Edit: that installer fails to update outright and the installation itself fails at around 70% (maybe 80).

(2 edits)

Hey hey bro this version works for me the developer sended to me, is the compressed version.!cSAWlajb!xiRVsh2H538aGR-s8EwaEco7MiOyHEq1Uu6ubPEqlOs

I hope it works for you.


I'm in touch with Lebouch too, so he should have gotten this link by email already too. Hope it works! If that's the case I'll post this as the official compressed version.

(1 edit) (+1)

Just wanted to let you know that there are some bugs that I've found.

If you go for a rout where you don't romance any main character the game just ends abruptly and cuts to the epilogue without any transition.

If you only romance side characters the epilogue appears inconsistent and buggy, still talking about characters, going back or moving to Belugio and talking about the wedding that never happened.

And buggy text like this appears: "Your marriage to [u'Iris',u'Kira'...] ..."

Idk if it's intentional, but in the park scene with Rachel and Susan, if you only romanced Susan and let the chance pass to confess, you still stay on the Susan love route.

Idk if it's intentiona too, but if you go to discreet, pass and then get a new appointment, but then don't go to the session, the options to go to follow up sessions still pop up, and if you never go to any follow up discreet event, the game still handles it the same way as if you went to them. (you get the call about the termination of the contract and the following events if you chose so)

If you don't peek on anybody and don't romance any main character, then the talk with James about liking Ana never happens and when you go to the sleepover to Ana the groupsex with James, Ana and Kira never happens, but James offers the option to fuck Ana together towards the end of the game, and in the epilogue it talks about their marriege. Also in this case there's 2 epilogues appearing for James one with Ana about the Marriege and moving to Belugio and one about him becoming an IT guy and moving.

In day 3 when you go and talk to everybody the options for the girls disappear after exhausting all options with them, but Susan stays there even tho she doesn't have any more talking options(just the leave).

On day 4 at dinner, the options doesn't disappear after selecting them.

Also Idk if intentional, but after James asks if he can romace Rachel even when I said yes I didn't encounter any follow up event for that.

Yeah, so that'd be it. I know you're already working on a new roject, but I hope you patch these. I really enjoyed the game and there are still some routs left for me to play so maybe I'll manage to break the game again. 

Until then.

v1.0 will fix a couple of the issues you mentioned, but there are some new ones I need to investigate. Thanks for the report! While Sisterly Lust won't receive any new content after v1.0, I'll still push out bug fixes from time to time.

Hello everyone I was wondering if theres a way or if you could give me tips on how to seduce the youngest sister (the one with red hair). I always come across events that develop my relationship with my other Sisters but not with her...


At the very beginning when she sees you in shower, make sure you go after her and knock on her door.  When you are looking at lewd photos on computer and she sees you, don't stop.  Make sure you talk to her as much as possible and go out on a movie date with her.


there must eb smth missing. did everything, still not able to get to her.You if theres any walkthrougth or smth?

(1 edit) (+1)

1-In the beginning when you first meet her, kiss her.

2-Then when you go to bathe and she sees you naked, and she run to her room go after her and knock on the door.

Those are the primary steps, in general soles be kind and thoughtful to her and continually check how your choices affect Rachel's statistics.

(3 edits)

In addition, when James suggests spying on the girls in Rachel's room, agree to it. When you have the chance to spy on her in the shower, do so, and choose to stroke yourself when you see her.  Later, when she sees you masturbating at your computer, don't stop. Let her watch.  Over breakfast, when she asks if you've ever had sex, be honest (don't boast) and be sure to question her about her virginity, rather than just reassuring her. All these choices will get her corruption score up to six or seven, which is what you'll need for the relationship to start after the movie (be sure to tell her it was arousing). That night, she will come to your room, looking for company, and you'll be on your way.  

There are also walk-throughs you can find online. 

How can you install incest patch on android

I downloaded the game, but can't install it

if you are on your computer or laptop go to ur file explorer and extract the downloaded file and youll be able to play it

Deleted 22 days ago

Congratulations! I've been waiting for this for way too lang. Good luck on your next project and may your work be as awesome as always.


Thanks Roy!


The game's finally was amazing but the question I think that everyone would have on their minds is are you making a new game. If so would it be a continuation or a completly new game?

Thanks! I've released the first episode of my new project to patrons already. It will go public here next month. You can read more about it here.

I can't install the updated version!!!! 

My phone runs on latest android and my phone is decent but i can't even install it. The last version was fine and great. Pls help, mby im missing smth

Do you have enough storage space available? The game is quite heavy and I think Android needs over 2GB to unpack it.

Well i have 3 gb free but mby i need to clean my phone... oky thx!

Deleted 22 days ago
Deleted 22 days ago

Were you able to install? I've been having trouble myself and have tried every solution I can think of or Google.


just played through the whole story its amazing spended hours on it it is really amazing Greatwork i must say. tho the ending that you propose to your mom and your sisters all 3 of them is insane i wanna see how it goes and ends so interesting

v0.23 just dropped, so you might be able to see how it all ends. ;)

Is December 26 Bro, I'm returning to this site every 2 hours, please don't delay and share that wonderful creation of art that you do, we can no longer wait!, I have practically no criticism other than perhaps the user interface in android that is not very versatile, but nevertheless otherwise it is a wonderful creation.

PS. Have you considered making 3d models of each character that we can turn and see as we please on Android and at least use them as dynamic wallpapers ?.

Even with ads it would not be a bad idea, please consider it.

Sorry for my grammatical errors or strange syntax.


I've just released the update, was a little tied up in Christmas dinners. ;) Hope you enjoy it!

Making 3D models would be great, I'm pretty sure the DAZ license doesn't allow it at present.


Damm, you're right, but I really hope that somehow in the near future you can make dynamic models because your talent with narrative and design is magnificent. Thank you for creating such an amazing wonder.

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Hi. First of all, great game. I really enjoyed this one. The story is very nice and with all main and side characters, there is a lot of stuff to do. I encountered very few bugs in 0.22, like not quite fitting dialogues or typos. I did like 4 playthroughs and enjoyed all of them.

Also the artwork is really good. As the game progresses it seems to get even a little better. 

May I ask which software you use to create the 3D artwork?

Thanks for creating this game!


Really glad you liked it! Learned a lot developing Sisterly Lust, so the renders to get better as the story progresses. I create all my artwork using DAZ3D.


Thanks for the reply, I will definetely check out DAZ3D. Just played though the ending  in 0.23. I'm actually sad, that the story ends, but on the same page I'm exited for your next game. Keep up the good work! Cheers, mate!

So guys and girls, i've played summertime Saga and Sisterly love, Any other games that's worth trying?

Town of passion, and zombies retreat are decent ones

I cannot install on my cellphone, someone  knows why?


First i gotta say the game is great, it's one of 2 erotic games that i really really enjoyed. And i am talking writing, the lines are great, really dig it! Btw who is Adriana? I never met her yet i was able to creampie her at my wedding although she wasn't in the group at all :'D I almost died of laughter :D Anyway thank you for the game!

Adriana is the secretary of Susan, but you can miss her if you choose a different route in the game. The fact that you can creampie her is a bug, should be fixed in v1.0.

Oh i see! I thought it was some random wedding guest :D :D


You are a genius!!! this game is awesome! I was stuck for hours, every character has his character, and with each one you have a unique interaction that then combines with the story! Good boy! good boy! Good boy!
excuse my English, I am Italian, I speak very little English!

Message received loud and clear! Thanks! :-)

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