Tales From The Unending Void v0.11

Almighty… This bitch took some time to be put out to pasture, I hope you enjoy it! This release includes over 15 animations by Alorth.

Thanks to Randall, Grubb, Geronimoooo, Alorth, HoboCop86, FckThisShtImOut, ManiacKnight, Fhilb, Zar, Rob The Panty Sniffer and Razielprince for proofreading and testing.

NOTE: The Android build has heavier compression to keep the file size under 2GB. Higher APK sizes have been causing problems on many devices. I might have gone overboard with crunching all the images, animations and audio, but it’s pretty small now. It’s a little hard for me to judge, but if the quality is lacking, let me know and I’ll produce a slightly larger build with higher quality assets.

– Add Episode 11
– Fix spelling, wording and grammar (thanks to Razielprince, lemonfreak, Bartimayus, HoboCop86, Randall, hideouz)
– Add save callbacks, multi-season functionality
– ep010: Add Céline relationship conditional
– ep004: Add Rhenkoy codex entry (thanks to HoboCop86)
– ep003: Fix scene replay (thanks to Randall)


Season One (v0.12.6) (Free Edition, Uncensored) 2 GB
Version 11 Dec 17, 2021
Season One (v0.12.6) (Free Edition, Uncensored) 1 GB
Version 12 Dec 17, 2021
v0.12a (Free Edition, Uncensored) 2 GB
Version 11 Dec 17, 2021

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Hi, Can i ask how to back up my saves before i install the new version because when i download the new version in 2 days ago the scene seems repeating at the end it was just "To be continue" The scene when the boy talk with his Mom so Im thinking it was because i delete the previous without back up my saves so i didn't get through to other version? 

If you sent me a link where i can find it? I mean what websites?

Great start! I like where this is going! As a trans woman, I appreciate your trans inclusiveness. I'm curious what the options are going to be for her? Will she be able to have surgery for example and will that be a player choice?


I'm trying to avoid the stereotypes about trans people you often find in porn games ("OMG! She secretly has a dick!"), so I'm glad to hear I'm succeeding in that somewhat.
Raene's story will be mostly about her personal acceptance and not so much about bodily changes. So likely no surgery or invasive sci-fi DNA treatments to give her a working uterus, I've seen proposed at times. Another complicating factor is all the variant renders I'd have to make if Raene got surgery based on player choice. I know from my previous game how much of a nightmare it can be to juggle all those branching options.


I feel like you've done a good job so far of avoiding stereotyping her, thank you! I look forward to seeing her journey to personal acceptance of her body!

Where are the saves stored on Android? Want to backup before update.

They're likely located here: SD:/Android/data/com.perverteer.tftuv/files/saves/

My android version seems to be unable to update, It simply says app not installed. Please help.

Have you uninstalled the previous version (don't forget to backup your saves) and then installed the new one?


No I did not, thank you for the advice. Love your work by the way.


Great update as always! Keep up the good work! 


Hmm, just upgraded to the latest version, loaded a save from Ep10, and it wont move to Ep11, it just ends. Tried a quicksave from further back in Ep10, same thing. Any ideas at all?


Did you save on the "End of Content" screen? That's bound to cause problems. You might be able to roll back, save again and continue from there. If that's not the issue, have you tried playing from a fresh install of the game (be sure to backup your saves)?


Had the same problem with a quicksave from earlier, that didnt help. Did a clean install, the quicksave caused an error, however my main save before the "End of Content" worked and Ep11 kicked in nicely. Thank you for the help.

is there a way to change choices later on? i dont like gay stuff (dont hate on my personal preference) and i'd like an option to change what i chose, like with that transgender character


If the relationship status for a particular character is not set to "Yes" you'll probably have the option to call things off. Tweaking variables via the built-in console is also possible, but might lead to strange story outcomes. You can open the console by pressing Shift+O and typing ziv_romance=False or raene_romance=False. It's probably safer to load an earlier save game though.


yay more stuff. really great story so far cant wait