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That's a really good game man, I woul'd like start my own game but i dont know the software you are using for the rendering?
plz continu your work it's realy cool

Thanks a lot! The software I use is DAZ3D, rendered with the Iray engine.



I really enjoyed the story and i played this game till the end! Thanks

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Good game, played all, the bug what happen to me, auto fixed, i dont know why but this is great, if you looking for some game this is a good try

The game doesn't work for me. I'm on android and when I start up the game and it shows an image saying "perverted games, if you liked this game support me on patreon, thanks for playing" how do I get past this screen?

Does the game continue after you wait for a while? How much RAM and free space do you have available on your device?

it doesn't. I have 1.9 ram and about 2 gb free space

okay the game works now even though I didn't change anything, but thx for trying to help

I bought this game on Steam awhile ago and played it a few times all the way to the end to get 38/45 achievements so far.  Is there any difference between the version here and the Steam version?

No, there aren't any differences between the paid version her on and the one on Steam, except for the integration Steam offers (achievements, cloud saves, etc.)


I finished game with everybody. I thought it was a casual game, but it's very deep! I now know if you treat the game casually, you end up with my first ending, that I complained about - wrongly, I see now! So yes, I did see them altogether!

I will pay for the game now. And, I don't know how well it sold, but you have a good opportunity to have a follow-up: "The Next Generation (Sister Lust 2)" with the babies now being 18-20, the Sisters and other women being in their late 30s, and Rebecca, Susan and Iris, being in their 50s/60s, becoming the Matriarch's, dealing with family problems... It would be nice to see Rachael, Bella and Liza again as MILFs, and you have all those new characters of their children,now grown! I could see how it would be an interesting story.

Anyway, just an idea.....\\\



Glad you go them all together in the end! Sisterly Lust 2: TNG is a nice idea, but I'm less comfortable with daddy/daughter incest. I'd very much like to do some short story DLC with some of the SL characters, but my spare time is limited, unfortunately.

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No, I meant the parents would agree not to interfere with the kids, but, as it's legal, the kids could play with each other. And for fans of the first game, you could have a couple of scenes showing how the parents still love each other, after 20 years... I think that would be nice - to show their love was real. (I mean, still being married, 20 years later even to 7 people, says a lot!)

As to time, that's why I asked how well the first game sold, because if it didn't, why the hell would you write a follow-up, but if it did well, then I think a vast majority of SL1 purchasers would buy SL2!

Anyway if it has to be a DLC, i'll take that, I would love more stories in this world, the world you created in SL1 was unbelievable in it's story-telling, characterization of people and the interaction of human beings! For me, the sex was the icing on the cake - not the cake. And I bet a lot of people felt that! Thanks anyway, I appreciate your taking the time to replay.

On the basis of SL1, I have bought your other game. Unending Void. So you have got some money out of me, after all :)


I whole heartedly agree with you John. There's just something that connects you to the story. I completed the game, married all options, had the whole harem, got the football team achievement on steam. The sex is the icing on the cake, but the story, emotions and relationships was just spectacular. Can't wait for the DLC. But as i've said to Perveteer before, I would love for this game to have a follow up, like a SL2 expanding on the time they spent on the island and maybe adding in loads of new girls. But, whatever Perveteer decides to do, I will not complain. 

Well, that's two votes for SL2! :)

How do I pay for the parent company test?

Do you mean discreet? You just pay. Other than that, I am not sure what "Parent Company Test" is friend.


That's the Discreet test. Please tell me what the right answers are.

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Here you go. I had to play that part of the game again to remember!

1) Describe your arousal

2) Describe how you stimulate her *****

3) Respect her authority

Good luck, and watch your backside!

If you remember please tell me.

I had to play that part to get the answers, so I could list them, the 3 answers are in my comment.

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Got to the end for the first time with more than one. Was disappointed after the Marriage that there wasn't a scene with both women rather than individual scenes. Even non-sexual. It felt like I had married Jenna, my No.1, and just added Liza as an afterthought. Sort of spoiled the whole game for me, as it was illogical. 

Also it's a shame you can't get Rachael. Is it because she's supposed to be under 18?

I'm not sure who Jenna is in your playthrough, but if she's one of your sisters or your mother, you should be able to get scenes with them together, as well as a combined wedding.

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I am surprised you don't know who Jenna is, as I used the default names you put in the game! Susan for Mother, Liza, the oldest Sister, Jenna the middle Sister and Rachael the youngest. I was with Liza and Jenna, and as we were all marrying each other, I should have seen Jenna and Liza kissing at the wedding ceremony (they had already had sex with each other), I should also have seen a three-way scene with me Liza and Jenna, but what I got was a scene with Jenna, and then a separate scene with Liza, who actually comes to the beach after I made love to Jenna saying she was "lonely at the apartment"!! I felt that was sad, I didn't feel I had a double marriage, but two individual marriages, making love to each wife totally separately, when I felt we should all been together. To say the ending was a disappoint is an understatement.

Also, if the youngest, Rachael is dateable, i'd love to know how, because I feel you have no chance with her in the game.

Rachael was the easiest to start dating imo. Say the right things on the movie date and she is very excited.

I found a walkthrough, so I am now good to go! But thanks!

The middle sister's default name is Bella. There are several ending varieties after the marriage and a Bella/Liza/MC threesome is one of them, there quite a lot more (Bella/Liza/Rachel/Susan, Liza/Rachel/Susan, Rachel/Susan to name a few, those also come with pregnant and non-pregnant branches).

Rachel is certainly dateable, but the trick is to get a relationship with her early (this applies to all of the sisters, to be honest).

I wonder why I got individual scenes then? I am going to play through from half way and see if anything changes, but I definitely did not see any marriage threesomes. Or are you talking before the marriage? Because I was specifically talking about the marriage with multiple partner's scenario.


Not sure, but it might be due to the choices you've made before going to the island. There's one large group scene on the beach after the wedding.

There's no Gallery. If you want to look at a scene again you have to save at that scene or go through the entire game until you get to that scene. 0/10 game (not really but no gallery annoys me. I think it's because of the engine it's built off of.)


One of the best Adult VN's on this site. Period. The characters are written so well, they soon feel like real people  with different personalities!


like it so far, keep up the awesome work !

i am kindof conflicted with this game i wanted a chance to have a relationship with everyone. That doesn't seem to be possible or should i start from the begining and try every angle?

As it's called "Sisterly Lust", I have assumed just one Sister. I am near the end of the first play through, so i'll try again and see if I can get a different Sister, or if it's always the same Sister.

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It's possible to enter into a relationship with multiple women in the game without negative consequences. There's also a harem path with different configurations.


Thanks for that, I am playing through a second time and finding that out. You should know that I never pay to download, as I have been burnt so many times, but for good games, I always go back pay for it and don't even download it. Maybe that's something you could put in your sales pitch. "If you like the game, please pay for it"! :)

I cant get the android version to work


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When I unzip the extra scene edition on Mac and click on the icon for the game it doesn't work

If the game doesn’t run on macOS it could be quarantined by GateKeeper you can try the following:

  • Open
  • Write the following command: xattr followed by a space and drag the or from the Finder onto the terminal window
  • Press Enter, it should show as a result. If the text is not shown you’ve likely encountered another issue.
  • If the text is shown, type xattr -d  followed by a space and drag or onto the terminal window again
  • Press Enter and try to launch the game again.
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Awesome game, one of the best storylines of any erotic game I have played and superb renders.  Nice to end up with a large Harem at the end with a few extras thrown in for good measure.


Awesome game. Played through the free version and HAD to buy the extra edition. Great story and wonderful scenes. Thanks!

its games like these that i wish didnt end

Are there animated scenes?

No, this game doesn't have animations.


Do you have a subscribestar?  I refuse to give a penny to itch or patreon, I REFUSE TO!

Certainly, you can find it here.

Is there a difference between those payments options? Just for future reference.

Do you mean the payment options on SubscribeStar?

I mean if say patreon takes more profit from you than say Subscribestar. I sae in other places that creators prefer Subscribestar and I was wondering as to why.

Oh, I'm not too sure about that to be honest. Patreon takes a hefty sum, but my account is relatively old so I'm on a better subscription plan.


Game was so good, I had the buy the 15 dollar after as a thank you and for support. I think it was well done and not weird and awkward like some can be. I surely like how the story was building up and concluded depending on what ending you got ofcourse. 

macOS don't start.


If the game doesn’t run on macOS it could be quarantined by GateKeeper you can try the following:

  • Open
  • Write the following command: xattr followed by a space and drag the or from the Finder onto the terminal window
  • Press Enter, it should show as a result. If the text is not shown you’ve likely encountered another issue.
  • If the text is shown, type xattr -d  followed by a space and drag or onto the terminal window again
  • Press Enter and try to launch the game again.

I had the same issue and it worked! Thanks for the help.

can someone tell me how to pass the Discreet inc.'s test?

Deleted post

Describe your arousal

Describe how you stimulate her

Respect her authority

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The Best Adult Game in this Universe, Goes to show that not every game requires hardcore animations. I love your style bruh !!

Please make more games like these !! 


No music at all?


Downloaded the game on a whim, stayed for the amazing emotional storytelling. 10/10 Loved it!

I just started playing the game a couple days ago and I love it but how do I start Liza's storyline any help would be greatly appreciated

(probably too late, but:) Afair, you need to defend Liza in front of Brody when he's shouting at her, then start a job to look for dirt on him.

thanks for the info I appreciate it 

I love the game but could i know what you use to make the characters?


The characters are made in DAZ3D.

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This would be neat if this was a 2d visual novel I love anime loli characters. I don't why I throw that out I have strange taste when it comes fictional characters. Maybe future you can create a 2d anime incest visual novel since there are teen characters.. can you make loli sister characters unless you don't want to that's fine. I don't support incest in real life nor.. any illegal activity I just like hentai games way too much. This is looks I don't play that many 3d games because some of characters would look too real and I would like it.. it's hard to explain but this does look good and I hope there's more hentai games in the future made by you.

I love your game so much, I really do! Thank you very much!

On Mac, i ran the command xattr -d (the dragged in and got the message,

"No such xattr:"

However, the game still won't open. I've already tried going through Security and Preferences, and given the app permission to run. What else could it be?

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Are applications from unregistered developers allowed to run on your Mac?

Did you extract the game with the built-in Archive Utility of macOS, or some other application (like The Unarchiver)?

(3 edits)

I extracted the game using the built in Archive Utility. There isn't an option to enable unregistered developers, however, there is an option to allows apps "From App Store and identified developers", which I already have ticked.

To open an app from an unidentified dev, you have to go to Security and Preferences and press allow anyway for the app. I've already done this- but the app still won't open. I've also tried restarting the laptop- no change still.

(1 edit)

Hmmm, I'm at a loss in that case. It could be a permissions issue or something. Is there a log.txt in the game's directory? If so, what are the contents?

(2 edits)

There's no log.txt. Any idea what I should do from here?

"On Windows/Linux and Mac, just unzip the package and double click the .exe/.sh file or unzipped application bundle"- SL Install Guide

I clicked on the .sh file, but it opened up a TextEdit window contained what looked to be script related to RenPy.

The SL.exe and SL-32.exe both have decompresser icons- meaning they weren't decompressed. Could it be related to that?

When I try directly launching the app, nothing happens. Any suggestions?

The game is a bundle with the Windows version (the exe files), Linux (the .sh file) and Mac (the The only thing I can think of is macOS somehow interfering with the launch of the game. Either because of GateKeeper, quarantining or a general permissions error. Have you right-clicked and choosing "Open" from the context menu instead of double-clicking?

It closes on Android never happened when I downloaded it last time though.

Hey, I'm on mac and I'm unable to open the game, the icon bounces and then disappears without fully launching. I've gone into terminal and appears, however, the xattr -d fix doesn't work

Did you enter the full command: xattr -d
 followed by the path to the app?

Same here. Did you end up getting around the issue?

I got a ending with susan,rachel,bella,liza,adriana,iris and riley as wives 

But how do i get ana,alina and other to marry me and get pregnant?

try inviting them to stay in the island before you go, also.. Alina best girl next to Bella

Hey i have played the game twice now and really enjoyed it.

Btw anyone know how to get foursome with james kira and ana??


Hi perverteer, I absolutely love the game. It is the best I have ever played. After I finished the game play i felt kind of like The game should have a sequel. Maybe it could start based on the path you chose and you could again interact with the characters and maybe see your kids grow up. My character got the harem ending       and I chose to take riley with me. So my character got everyone pregnant (including riley and Alina and Adriana ) and everyone was happy. So I was thinking maybe just maybe you’d think about it. 

A full sequel is unlikely, because of the many different endings. But I'd still like to do some short story DLC at some point. Sadly, I lack the time at the moment, as my other project consumes most of it.

thanks for the reply And thanks for the wonderful game ps i keep getting harem ending just to read the stuff at the end about the other characters lol love your game and have a great day 

It won't let me extract the files it keeps giving me an error


pity there's no bgm or any soundtrack

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