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I hope it's a bug, but I've very specifically avoided starting anything sexual with Raene, as it isn't my cup o tea, but after you get back on the ship in the beginning of S2 and i have to talk to Raene it changes my relationship status from no, to yes, I have no desire to be a part of this path.

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Yes, it's a bug. It will be fixed in the next version. You can set her romance back to false if you want to via the developer console. Press Shift + O and type: raene_romance = False

Thanks, appreciate that.

Gotta admit, I didn't like the sex slave thing, cause I assumed it was kind of weird that space was like that; that the mc was like that. But then I realized this whole thing is basically Game of Thrones in space so it makes sense story-wise I suppose. Still though, that introduction was a complete 180


I literally cant get enough of this game i find my self checking for updates weekely wven though i know that never going to happen. I just cant wait to see the finished prodcut.


I want gay stuff, male/male and female/female




any femdom in this game and character name, please?

or dominating personality female character name 


Very good game/visual novel found eveeything on point good stories character design very fun and kinda excited for the second season

Looks good! Hopefully no jump or time skip this time..

Hello,What's the difference between free edition and extra edition?😉😉😉👍👍👍😄😄😄

The extra scenes edition contains more sex scenes and has achievements.


Wow, got it😆

I am a bit lost .. when will the full second season be available?


There's no firm release date yet, but the free version of the second season will be released here episodically.

chapter 13 vess scene< how get? I'm in a relationship with her


I wrote it some time ago, you must treat her in the worst way possible since chapter 1. That's how I have obtained the scene.


Love this Content sofar. There is one thing (for me at least) a pitty the MC are mostly white. Would be cool to be able to choose (I know I know gives more work to have the scenses done up for the different char style, but still). Anyways off to the game again, keep up the good work.


I will just say that I am amazed.

I mean, facing facts. You "play" these kinds of visual novels for a reason. No lies there, not fake facade of things that should be or should not be. But the closest I can come to explaining how I feel about this would be that I am playing through a version of "Firefly" and that my MC is somewhat alike Malcom "Mal" Reynolds and that the rest of the people you are with basically fit the profile of some of the other members of the Serenity (Hopefully this reference is understood, or I am old..)

Well, at least I will just say, you are doing a damn good job with this. I look forward to the continuation and hope for a long road ahead.


Thanks! Firefly is definitely and inspiration, so I'm glad you're getting some "Mal" vibes. ;)

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i have a minor problem regard the season 2 release..... for some reason, all my saves and unlocked scenes from season cannot be loaded after i updated it to season 2. and also, is it really programed that you cannot start a new game when you install season 2 update?


Season 2 doesn't contain the content from Season 1, so saves from the previous season can't be loaded. Near the end of Season 1 a special save is made which can be used to continue the game in Season 2 (by choosing "Continue" in the main menu).

But bro that for some reasons doesn't happen in Android device (at least in mine) before opening game pops up a box showing unable to find files from season 2 even though I specifically made a save when asked but still same thing shows up in screen when opening game.

The game creates the save automatically, there's no need to manually save. It could be that you accidentally removed the save games from Season One when installing Season Two.


no bro i didn't did such thing,i had save file inn Android data folder and installed season 2 then first i got confused that where it went? Lol 😂 then found that this file submerged into 1 and considering your lvl of mattering of a single choice it was understandable but when I opened the game,the problem i mentioned earlier occur

The filename should be "Season-1" followed by a string of random characters and numbers.

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Where's season 3? I want more!!! Also how do you get pregnancy in the game?


Season 2 isn't even finished, chill


Just played chapter 13 and man it really felt like it ended abruptly. There were a few kind of abrupt scene transitions too. You do excellent work but I hope you consider a bit more polish on this first chapter of Season 2. I really hate to be critical when the game overall is so well made.


Could you point out the scene transitions which felt a little abrupt? Always up for a bit of polish. ;)

Off the top of my head the sequence where you have just got out of med bay while going around seeing people on the ship. 


Thanks! I'll have a look and see if I can add something there.

After the sim with Eva it kinda just jumps to the ship too

Does season 2 have a walkthrough? I want to see if option number 3 truly ruins your relationship with Lilly when you have your first conversation with her once you get back on board. 

How much extra content does the paid version have? 

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Definitely a great game like your last one felt loved towards girls bit as last one mc mom is wierdo last time she was too much sub/dom play and tried to steal mc girl in epilogue (well just dirty talk but i felt threatened 😂)

In this one mc mother could sleep with her own phycho brother heck even have 4 children who is a bastard of guy selling his own children but still mc mom slept with him again and again and when mc tried to make her felt loved for real she chicken out,why the hell? Incest is sure no problem fo her she did that already,mc is far greater guy and for literally a really good guy in any avn ,doing something good like saving his sister rather than lusting girls or being pervert in any other existing avn,but still mc mom has to be a wierdo ,you know in last one mc was kind of jerk just wanted a fuck so i didn't cared felt bad for sometime in sl for girls,bit in Tftuv i felt bad for mc every one except for his best friend sister gives him shit for no reason even though he is a great guy.


that's a whole lot of fucking spoilers there, asshat


i m new ok i don't know how to hide texts and i just blabbered forgot i was spoiling i m sorry I will delete this for you bro. happy?


doesnt bother me at all. the only reason i knew they were spoilers, is cos ive seen the content.
but if you really are sorry, words are cheap. you should pay compensation to anyone for whom you may spoiled the story :p 


well okay and how do I do that? Any suggestions and by the way do u agree with me that mc mom is a wierdo real one and stepmom, what's your thoughts?

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well, the story did contain the disclaimer when MCs mom/aunt said "he used to be a good guy" or something to that effect. we are expected to believe that this one guy, against all of human nature, was able to have a meaningful change of personality type, which would be a first for humanity.
or perhaps he was really good at deceiving her, from a very young age (also quite unusual for human children to be good at deception)

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JUST add *** SPOILER ALERT *** at the beginning of your comment to be on the safe side ;-)

No big deal otherwhise. Don't worry.


Finally I got chapter 13 going great game.


I m unable to import save any help? plz

When is the next update coming Dev?


Public release will probably be somewhere in October. September for patrons and subscribers.


Bro I loved your last game sisterly lust and this one too but it isn't opening in Android after finishing first part j m unable to play part 2 since it is not importing save any suggestions to import saves?


This is personally my favourite game. The story love interest are amazing and hot. Can't wait to have mc get one of the crew pregnant


Yeah but mc mom is wierdo, sleeping with someone like mc dad something isn't right in her head ,you know story would have been best If she would have remained aunt


Really had a blast playing through this one. Enjoyed the characters, scenes, design. Very hot scenes, really glad they included quality fetishes and more kinky scenes than usual games. Great stuff.

no patreon or discord links?

I think it's against Patreon's ToS to link directly, but my page can be found easily via Google. My Discord server is public and can be found here.


yay the discord invite works. that is odd that on patreon because literally every AVN has one.  but the search worked :).

Why cant I play season 2 all I get is this.

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

Exception: A translation for "Planets" already exists at game/tl/portuguese/episode001.rpy:4865.

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "renpy/", line 331, in bootstrap


  File "renpy/", line 550, in main

  File "tl/portuguese/episode013.rpyc", line 4246, in script

  File "tl/portuguese/episode013.rpyc", line 4246, in script

  File "renpy/", line 2519, in execute

    renpy.translation.add_string_translation(self.language, self.old,, newloc)

  File "renpy/translation/", line 453, in add_string_translation

    stl.add(old, new, newloc)

  File "renpy/translation/", line 394, in add

    quote_unicode(old), fn, line))

Exception: A translation for "Planets" already exists at game/tl/portuguese/episode001.rpy:4865.



Tales From The Unending Void 0.13.1

Mon Aug 15 13:23:09 2022

Did you copy the files of v0.13 into the install directory of Season One? If so, that will cause problems. v0.13 needs to be run from a separate install directory, your saves should be there regardless.

I installed a fresh copy to the desktop after deleting the old install and still nothing.  I did not copy anything into it at all.

Unless you need the Portuguese translation, you could delete the entire "portuguese" directory from game/tl/.

Got it going now great game.

when importing a game from season 1 with a stored page count of the gallery larger than 1 opening the replay screen throws an index out of bound error.

this can be mitigated with something like 

if scene_gallery_page >= len(scene_gallery):
    $ scene_gallery_page = len(scene_gallery)-1

in screens.rpy between "screen scenes()" and "$ episode = scene_gallery[scene_gallery_page]"

Thanks for the great game, looking forward to see the story unfold

Thanks! This should be fixed the next update of the game.


What an awesome game this is - the story, the choices, the animation! Usually I find myself just being a coomer and skipping through dialogue in these type games but the spacing between erotic scenes and dialogue in this were top notch & kept me interested through it's entirety.  I don't get the complaints about incest when there's an option to disable it and the fact that if you're about to see some serious taboo scenes it's always made entirely obvious prior to jumping in - & there is always obvious dialogue options that allow you to bail!

The entire first season makes for a well polished, great experience that I found myself unable to put down even aside from the erotic nature of the game!

Easily a current top 5 on to me. If you dabble even lightly into science fiction stories or television you'll love this!


Please post your TOP 5 or DM me


1. Corrupted Kingdoms - The power dynamic brought on with the ability to Awaken & Shatter characters into getting laid is a major turn on even if the art style isn't entirely what i'm into.

2. Once In A Lifetime - Just a fun storyline that doesn't take it self super seriously but the choices having real bearing and erotic scenes being top notch make for great gameplay.

3. Tales of the Unending Void - For reasons specified above

4. Eternum - Made by the same group behind Once In A Lifetime. In the sci-fi realm as well but more related to the VR ready player one style of gameplay. Has an enormous amount of potential much like TFTUV.

5. Come Home - Good dating options with a lot of real world variety in Characters, not overly obsessive with the storyline as it's still in development but the dating prospects provide enough variety to shine through that, more oriented to real world dating than anything truly wacky.

There's many more games that are very deserving of praise but not currently in my top 5. These are simply the ones that have really stuck out to me after playing through 30+ games on my android tablet.

Let me know if you have any that relate to my top 5 that I may have missed!


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God Bless. Thank you !

I have played 2 out of your TOP 5.

Tastes and preferences are individual and respected, so thanks for sharing.

In My Case : 1. Lunar's Chosen, 2. Chasing Sunset, 3. Leap Of Faith, 4. Acting Lessons , 5. Amnesia / 5.1 TFTUVoid


My Top 5  

1. Leap Of Faith 

2. Chasing Sunset 

3 Triple X 

4. Defending Lydia 

5. The Assistant 

Tales of the Unending Void is still a good game but just outside my top 5

Is this new version compatible with the steam version?, because it doesn't allow me to load the last save of season 1

Do you get an error message?

does season 2 have a extra scenes version

Yes, but it's only available on Patreon and SubscribeStar for the moment.

thanks for the quick reply, do you have an estimate on when it will be public?

That will probably take a while. Season 2 will have roughly the same amount of episodes (12) and it takes two to three months to develop one episode.

How long is each Chapter?

Argh, downloaded S2E1 on android, and it's overwritten the season 1 story completely 😔

How do i play 13.01 on android?

I'm replaying thru the 1st season, because my files were lost when I switched laptops. When I reach the end of the season, that file is the only one that I can use at the start of the season 2? Because before that I was given a message saying no data when I tried to use the 13.01 game file.

I think that's correct. Season One creates a special save game at the end of episode 12 and it's the only save that can be imported in 0.13.*

But how?

Raene always makes me think "this is what Tails would look like if he was human". 


I've just obtained the "Grateful Vess", and I feel like shit for unlocking it.

I took the evilest route with her since chapter 1, by not telling her about the plan. And it kept going on, by choosing the mean replies and never caring about her. Not kissed her, not talked to her, and treated terribly during her jail time. I've also tried to leave her there.

Then, in chapter 13 I had the choice to ignore her again or to unlock the scene.

Dang, I'm glad I read this before trying to get it on my own. Think I'll just skip that scene.

Is there any mega link for season 1 for Android?

It should be available here:

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Here's my initial impression. The game introduces the characters as Sovereignty fascists and the only character I kinda liked was Eva, but then she was gone. I hate the beginning so much I'd cut it and turn it into an optional expository scene, like: 

"Hi, I'm MC. I'm stealing this ship. Shall I mope about my childhood as a poor little rich kid? Or shall we steal this ship from these fascist assholes and save the universe?

1) Daddy didn't buy me a pony. :(


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I'm on Chapter 10 and here's my update.

After VR Lilly forced herself on me and Eva professed her love to me, I'm thinking the incestuousness in this game is unbearably excessive. I'm far from vanilla, but this game is making me wish I was; it's difficult to continue. If it was only one character or if the incest options were easier to shut down, I might not mind so much, but even when incest is "Disabled", the characters are still referred to as sister, aunt, cousin, etc.. It seems you're trying to shove your incest down my throat at every opportunity and that's not cool. 

I also don't care for being repeatedly kidnapped, enslaved, and/or tortured or forced to watch a femdom rape a slave, so how about a choice to avoid most of the ConVitae chapter and just wake up in the cryo chamber when Aven breaks everyone out? I'm not a subby, being enslaved is very much NOT my kink. Kidnapping and slavery are bad, why do you not know this?

The induced-amnesia theme of the ConVitae chapter does have potential though, I think it's very innovative, not many people do it so well as you. Characters starting the game with no memory is a fun literary device. Imagine new players playing something like that chapter as a separate game first and then finding out that game is only one small chapter of the TftUV saga and they have lots of history to relive in the main game. That could be fun. ...without the incest though, I'd rather have sexual tension with mortal enemies than risk deformed incest babies, thanks.

I could also imagine a spinoff of the Gromph chapter with a part time breeder MC, expanding the story for some of the girls there, like Taera (sp?). That was a fun setting, lots of fun toys to play with. ...IF the girls are there voluntarily, or if some of them are truly evil bitches being punished as an alternative to being killed, because the kidnapping of innocents does not amuse me one bit, I would cut it out of the script with a chainsaw. I mean, really, when do moral limits apply, do you want players jizzing to snuff films? I think one Marquis de Sade was enough. Kidnapper porn crosses a line which should not be crossed. We are well beyond safeword territory here, I am extremely uncomfortable with this.

This game has lots of potential, but too many lines have been crossed, too much is too forced. You have violated my trust and good faith. Please remember your kink is not my kink. I hope you can respect people's boundaries more in future updates. 

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I get not liking being forced into kinks you don't like, but the thing you're forgetting? ALL of those instances you can choose not to do it. The stuff about the breeding? You can choose to not be a dick and skip it. Even after the girls are saved,you can choose to say no.

The stuff about incest(both sibling and not),you can also choose to not  have that if you don't pick the options that encourage that. From my experience,the options are pretty clear about what leads to what.

Same with the amnesia plot and femdom section,there's a warning beforehand AND an option to skip it. I haven't played the game in a bit,but I do remember that. It's the same with the other controversial kink scenes too,there's a warning and an option to skip.

And on top of that,if that's not enough,there's an option in the preferences menu to TURN OFF the incest if that's not your thing. Hmm, you must've not noticed. :/ The creator gives you plenty of choice to me,way more than many AVNs do which is a good thing for this game.

As for stuff about the characters or plot not hooking you,that's fair and you can dislike something. If it doesn't grab you that's not much you can do about that. But all the other shit about forcing kinks on you is total BS and it's not the author's fault that you didn't pay attention to the clearly labeled dialogue choices where you can skip.


So I know this going really stupid since this harem game but can thim please be able to a girl bc I feel bad for him and he really solid character that should at least have chance to a girl


I agree, or at least put him on the main screen.


thanks for backup 


Yeah.. Thim has some great character development. He can use some love ;)

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no :( all the girls are mine. if you want a happy feely sharey game, go play care bears. all the girls are mine, except the ones that are surgically pretending to be girls. there, he can have the trannies


Screw that, I like Raene and Ziv. But agreed to a degree, I don't want any cuckoldry in this. 

I might agree with that intent if only it was stated more politely. :)

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that was completely polite.
you know whats not polite? demanding other ppl deny biological reality in order to reinforce your mental illness. thats not fucking polite. at all


How do you unlock Grateful Vess? I've gone back and every option combination, and nothing. I also have the relationship established in Season 1, so that shouldn't be the issue


I have unlocked it yesterday. You MUST treat her as worst as possible since chapter 1. Or at least it's what I made, and in chapter 13 I got the scene.


That's fucking insane. Totally not worth replaying 1-12 just to treat her like crap just for one scene. I'll stick with treating her nicely, like everyone else :)
Thank you for the reply


I think that there might be something more in the next chapters, I'll keep that route saved just in case. I don't want to treat her terribly from chapter 1 again.


That makes sense. I just want the relationship with everyone, and for everyone to be happy


Same for me, that's why it's a completely different save. I have three now, one with a relationship with all the girls (except of course Nadya and Eva), one where Jade is still a slave and the one for grateful Vess.

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Sounds like she's a masochist who wants an unhealthily abusive relationship. I would not mind collaring her and topping her, but not if I have to be a sociopathic asshole all the time.


Acraos does BSDM dynamics and relationships in an amazing and healthy way. I never would have though of it as being able to be sweet and wholesome before, but it really can be.


It doesn't look like my style, but since you suggested it so politely I'll check it out, I could use more sweet and wholesome right now. Thanks.

(2 edits) (-7)

agree'd. vess is a good girl in a bad situation (a girl that is good hearted - totally unrealistic, but hey, thats her character and ill take it at face value). no reason to treat her bad at any point in the game. the only ones that are worth treating badly are those committing fraud after a bit of genital mutilation like Raene and Ziv. and if i remember right, Ziv was actually bortnm that way, being the alien that she is. but Raene is literally mentally ill,  wish i could just hand him back to his father, or the nearest hospital. he needs help i am not qualified to give.


Me @ 21.40 Yeeeh.. Finally, the adventure continues.. 
Me @ 22.45, Finally... We continue with my favorite girl <3
Me @ 23.03... Aw man.. Was that it already :s 
It was once again an epic playthrough ;) Keep it up.
2 things though... If you open the scene gallery while playing the game, a error occures.. (If you open it from the main menu, it's fine) 
And how the heck do i get gratefull vess? I mean.. i want to let her out of the brig... And i went back to do things differently, but it didnt seem to trigger anything..
Keep up the good work ^^ 

Did u try trusting her at place ava became queen

I've always been nice and trusting towards her :)

okay I'm not sure it could a bonus renders thing but I . unsure 

Bonus stuff is usually released when the season is released.. And then you can buy the edition with bonus stuff enabled. Since this is s2 e1 (or e13..) i doubt it's after a bonus render :)

I read on the discord, that you needed to be a jerk to Vess in Season 1. You know, when you discover her betrayal and all.. So i replayed it.. and relucantly did it (broke my heart). Threatened to leave her behind and everything.. But now,the savefile doesn't work in the continue style. It loads in the wrong one and give's a lot of ren'py errors. Maybe take a look at that, ow great and powerfull Perveteer? Again, keep up the good work :) ^^


whats with the timestamps? you know those are for your local time you played the game, right?

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