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Great game this one..i missed 2 scene.. Jumping jade and beach offensive.. Please tell me how i can get the scene?

Oops.. Today i clear them.. Thanks..

could you tell me how to unlock both, i have the same issue as you


it was awesome here when I play it for free and play it after become patron but now it become soooooo much more AWSOME.


I noticed you included futanari on the content list. What sort of scenes are available?

(Top/bottom) male/futa, futa/male, futa/female, futa/futa?


Futa on male????

This Game is just wonderful, my Congratulations! Beside that i have a Question, can you please tell me the requirements to unlock the Jade Scenes in Episode 11 and the "Shuttlecock" Scene in Episode 12? I just can´t figure it out cause i tried several choices and start to believe it´s a bug - but i don´t guess really cause i seem to be the only one with this Problem.. 

Thanks in Advance and very much thanks for making us so wonderful Games!

"Shuttlecock" only happens when Jade doesn't have sex with the Tyuarene at the transit station. Jade's scenes in Episode 11 were a little hard to achieve due to a bug which has been fixed in the version available here (you'd need to load a save from before the crew leaves Erigone again though).

Thank you very much!


I just finish the steam version, sir, you really are an artist, hope the proyect works and now to wait for the next season


YES!! sexy starwars lets goooo! congrats on getting steam release! ive bought already, very excited for season 2++

can i delete all saves? ive moved all previous saves from 0.9 onward but it still remembers them, i made some choices which i dont like

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Your saves are probably stored here (on Windows): Users\*name*\AppData\Roaming\RenPy\

thanks, how can i change what scenes i unlocked? those didnt reset

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Have you deleted the persistent file? I believe that's were Ren'Py store that kind of information.


Congrats on the Steam release. Second that it hit's i've got my credit card ready !


Been playing since I became a fan with sister love. Tftuv is absolutely EPIC. Season finale was amazing can't fucking wait for season 2! @Petverteer amazing work!

Latest version doesn't open on a mac 12.3.1 Monterrey w/ an M1 processor. Any ideas?


It could be GateKeeper preventing you from opening the app. Could you try the following?

  • Open
  • Write the following command: xattr followed by a space and drag the or from the Finder onto the terminal window
  • Press Enter, it should show as a result. If the text is not shown you’ve likely encountered another issue.
  • If the text is shown, type xattr -d  followed by a space and drag or onto the terminal window again
  • Press Enter and try to launch the game again.

That did the trick! Thank so much Mr. P.

You should also be able to launch the game by right-clicking on the app in Finder and selecting Open from the context menu.

I would love to play this game on my iPhone, is there any workaround??


throw your iPhone to a brick wall. it works trust me.


There's a web version available on Newgrounds. It's lacking the animations though and the image quality is quite low because you play in a browser.


when will the version with the extra scenes be available to purchase and does it come with a walkthrough? Thank you In advance 


The paid version will be available somewhere in May and will include the walkthrough, bonus artwork, extra scenes and achievements.


Congratulations on finishing season 1, you have done an amazing game and I absolutely love it, thank you so much!


its been quite a journey, and i just wanna say congratulations for completing season 1, good job!


fI downloaded version 12a today and my game is no longer working. It wont launch

On which platform are you trying to play? Android or Windows/Linux/macOS?

Will 12b be launching alongside the Steam version at launch?


The free version is now available. The extra scenes editions with achievements will be available for sale here on as well. I don't have an exact publishing date though.

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Super Arbeit geile Story und die Musik der Hammer weiter so :-) Lg

i absolutely love ur games! binged through both of them and now waiting for the update :) keep up the good work! 

can u explain how i save my saves on android so they dont get lost while updating?

Thanks! The saves are likely located here: SD:/Android/data/

or SD:/Android/data/com.perverteer.tftuv/files/saves/

It should be a matter of copying those to a safe location (external storage or something) with a file manager app before installing the new version.

thank u very very much!

I just went in to your page and says about a steam release, so a couple of questions: Will the steam version be the "uncensored" version?, and What will be the difference between steam and itchio?


Yes, the version on Steam will be uncensored, it also contains extra sex scenes and Steam achievements.


Thanks for the info, I will gladly add this to my steam account

wait so the is censored?

No, is uncensored as well.

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Could somebody help me please? I lost the save files in my android phone. So if anyone could share their save files, it would be great as I don't want to play from the beginning.

How do you unlock the interaction with Melody?

That's only part of the Extra Scenes edition, which will be available for purchase here at a later date.

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I have played ur previous game sisterly lust and it was awesome.Now i m playing ur current game and it is much much better Than previous  one. I m waiting  for next update.So when we will get next update??


The next update will drop here at the end of this month.

keen to show some support and purchase the steam version when it come out.

Just wanted to clarify though it is either the incest free version or it is possible to disable the incest?

you can prevent incest from happening. Its not that hard


why would i do that when I know there is a perfectly good version of this game that chnages the text to make it not incest still giving me access to all(mostly) of the relationships.


The Steam version has incest enabled by default, but you can disable it in the game's preferences.

sweet love that you added an easy option to turn it off, thanks!

Are we going to get the next update by the end of the month? I played sisterly lust and absolutely loved it, purchased the version with extra scenes and finally caught with tftuv. I'm just blown away. Best adult game creator out here.


Yes, that's the plan. Followed by the extra scenes release of the game here on and Steam as well.

So, which version of the game will be on Steam: censored, censored with extras, uncensored, uncensored with extras? Didn't see this mentioned anywhere.


The uncensored edition with extra scenes will be sold on Steam, with a few extras (wallpapers and game guide).

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AGUST x AGUST <3 such a great love story lmao

Edit after finishing 12b: fuck man.... i hate cliff hangars*pun intended*

I saw on Steam that Season 1 releases May 2, any chance it comes to as well ?

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Yes, the same (paid) release will be available here on as well around that time.


Fantastic ! I'll have my wallet ready.

hello. Do you have an alternate DL link for Android. I've donated and it's not successfully DL. Thanks:)

Where did you donate exactly and with which email address? Here on or somewhere else?


A one time donation here on

I'm happy to give more for a finished game. I've got way to many subscriptions for unfinished games. I just can't afford to do this anymore.

Thank you.

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Thanks for the donation! This is the download link to the Android release:

Hey Perverteer, I absolutely love your games, they're so interesting, I'm excited for the next version,

Do you have any plans to bring back the "Virtual Eva and Lilly"? It ended with quite a shock, so I'm curious if there's a follow-up on them.


Yes, there will be a follow-up to the virtual Eva and Lilly plot. Not sure when, but I plan on revisiting if you didn't destroy the simulation.


I'm looking forward to it! 

Thank you for everything you do.


I just finished chapter 12a and wow, just wow. Ready for the next update as soon as you are ready Perverteer. Also, is there a walkthrough? I just checked and I missed quite a few of Jade's scenes and a couple sucking scenes I purposly skipped. But the jade ones I would want to see. or maybe a code to unlock all scenes? Also I hope there is some courting of Eve in the works, she's the one I have been waiting for since the begining ;p 

Great game so far though, so much different than Sisterly Lust but so much better in many ways, the story is way more indepth but I am left with so many questions, I hope update work is going good and we will have many questions answered soon. Thank you again!

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Thanks! Glad to year you're liking it so far. Eva's romance will be explored further in upcoming releases, don't worry about that. ;)

The walkthrough is currently available for patrons on Patreon, but when the first season of the game will be released here and on Steam the walkthrough will be as well.

I'm a $5 supporter on Patreon, how do I find the walkthrough?

Thanks for the patronage! If you go to my creator page and go to the "Posts" tab you'll find a list of categories, one is "Walkthrough" and it should have the latest version. If you can't find it please send me a message on Patreon and I'll sort you out.


Thank you very much! and no problem, I throughly enjoyed sisterly lust, went through it about 25 times just to try and get every single outcome possible ;p. And I have enjoyed TFTUV even more. I thought it only appropriate to support the creator to help you in creating these masterpieces!

Really want to give this a play through but it's just not playable on Android with the save function popping up every time. Have to close the game to stop it. Will this be patched soon?


So just started playing the game yesterday. 

Not a fan of the MC at the moment, hopefully his personality improve so that he doesn't keep putting people in harms way.

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He does get better and grows as a character.But, I actually like that Cam(the MC) has clear flaws and doesn't always make the best decisions in the plot.It makes  him feel like an actual character,rather than a just a bland vehicle for porn. I get why that is,at the end of the day the main goal is to fuck the girls,no matter how good plot is.but that doesn't mean there can't be more effort towards making the MC interesting in his own right.

And I think this one does suceed,because despite Cam making unlikable choices,there's enough there that you can empathize with him.Cam's sister(along with many others) basically got kidnapped,he has no clue where she is and by all indications the Sovereiginity was going to ignore it and not do anything to try and search for them.In that situation,I would be frustrated angry,maybe desperate enough to do something crazy. But the same time despite that,he did make choices without considering the consequences and the people who got dragged along have every right to be mad at him and the game acknowledges this.He has to earn their trust back.And you can,by picking the correct options and even then the options don't make them forget everything.

Pretty much every AVN I've played,even the ones I like,have this issue of bland MCs, whose only personality comes with  dialogue choices that feel disconnected from the main plot, with the exception being Caribdis' AVNs MCs.  So I appreciate another AVN for trying to be different in this area and IMO, doing it well.


I get what you were saying. I really wouldn't to be in put in the same scenario as Cam. It just his decision has put a lot of people in harms way, and may have ruined a family relationship.(I haven't gotten far in the story so I don't know if Kit and his sister reunited with their mom)

I'm really glad to hear that he will get better and grow as a character.

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I just want to say I had the same exact issue as you. MC is a douchebag . Even Thim who was introduced as one, is far more tolerable & decent than MC. 

Now I'm  in ep11 & MC is still a douchebag in my opinion, but you don't have to like the MC to enjoy the story. I still would rate this game as 5/5 & offer my support to the developer!

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Really? I think he does grow as both as a leader and as person. I'm curious to know why you think the MC's still an ass?I personally think that Perverter's done a good job of Cam growing out of his earlier attitude, without making look like he's done 180 in personality,having it be too fast,or the narrative forgetting his actions and not being called out. 

And because of the last one happening,he does start to question his actions and show remorse for it and tries to take responsibility for it. Does he always succeed in that? No,but he does try.If he hadn't done that,maybe I would agree with you. I don't know, I think I  have more  tolerance for characters who start out as assholes,but grow to be better.But it's your opinion. I do agree that the plot and characters are great and do a good job of hooking you!I think the only other AVNs that match the level of the immersivness are Caribdis  works.

I hope I didn't come across as criticizing Perverter work. I certain don't have the qualifications nor the abilities to produce a fraction of this amazing piece. 

The amounts of thoughtful lore & world building are both impressive & immersive! 

Though I might have reserved feelings towards certain characters, which is a normal thing. Just like our feelings in real life to people around us. So this is part of the immersion. but when it comes to the main characters, we have to relate to them to a certain degree at least for the story to kick in smoothly. In a way, in my previous post I only wanted to state my feelings as reader towards the MC.

I'm not saying Cam is not a realistic person. He probably is a spitting image of a real person somewhere. The writing is very believable!

I can't say why I think he's still an ass without going into spoilers. In my perspective, Cam is a person who has been playing a russian roulette & come out unscathed, because of plot armor or whatever. but & he keeps playing it again & again. Basically, most of his actions are still baseless gambles that can endanger others.

It's one thing when a villain put you in dire situation & you have to act immediately to come out of it. but it's another thing when you willingly put others & yourself in a dire situation that anyone can foresee it coming. 

and that's where I can't relate to Cam. For the same reason I'm not a fan of Tom Holland's Spider-Man. It's just reckless acts after another, while Ironman has to come to cleanup the mess afterwards. 

It gives kids nowadays the wrong idea of bravery. In real life there won't be a "plot armor" that would give you a second chance "to redeem" yourself when things go horribly wrong. 

That's just me. I think reckless people shouldn't be glorified as heroes.

I think you have it mixed up slightly. The girls where not dragged along at all. He gave them a choice and they accepted knowing to some degree that what they where doing was wrong.  There isn't one girl on board the ship by 12b that was not there through their own choice.  Dragged along almost implies that he never really gave them a choice in the matter, when we know full well he did. Everyone but him could have stayed behind, which would have meant he would probably have had no choice but to stay behind too. I am not trying to be scratchy or anything.  


Came for sex stayed for plot


- Who's the girl that can be impregnated?

- Does choice make a lot of difference?


I think you're referring to the choice at the factory in Episode 5? The choice doesn't have much consequences (at the moment). Later on pregnancies with the main cast will be implemented, those will have more impact on the storyline.


Damn such a gold mine of a game, such rolercoaster emotions.

Keep up the good work lad.

Cant wait to break the ice with Vess.. Sadge

Can't install (v12a on Android 10).

It starts the install then ehen the progress bar is full it just says "app not installed". Installation from unknown sources is active.


Do you have enough RAM available?

3GB. Should be plenty for installation, you can fit the entire unpacked game in there. For running, may be too little, but I didn't get that far.

But is that amount of RAM actually available when you try the installation?

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How would I know? Why would it need that much RAM? I've installed larger packages.

I tried with a fresh download, now I get "error parsing package"  instead :(

UPDATE: seems you were right about RAM. I even had to close the webpage. Then with nothing running but Firefox downloads list, it finally installed! About 2.5 GB of RAM should have been available (guess), rest is used by Android itself and FF.

Glad you got it running! The unpacking process is very resource intensive, unfortunately.

is episode 12 0r 13 on patreon?


Episode 12b will be available on Patreon before it will drop here. It's still in development though.


Any perks for paying here or just the satisfaction of knowing you get money for a good story? Don't particularly like patron, or subscription sites in general. But do like tossing a coin to a Witcher spinning a good story. 


There are no perks at the moment, so for now it's a tip jar, but the full game (with achievements and extra scenes) will be available here when the Steam release has been published.

Thanks for the information. G'luck on getting on steam. Now I can get updates from itch instead of having to look for them. 

How to unlock episode 12 popping that popstar scene ?


will there be an option for gay sex? or is this a completely straight sex game?


M/M sex will probably not happen. There's a lot of lesbian sex though and romances with a trans and futa character.


Would be nice to include the option with a few side characters, but I get that M/M stuff tends to be really niche on here, so the demand might not be enough to justify the extra work.

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