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Really enjoying this as I get started. The render quality is unbelievable. It's a slow burn at the start, though--I'm looking forward to unlocking more sexual content as the game goes on.

Hey Perverteer, do you mind if I send you a bunch of copy-editing corrections (typos/grammar) via email? I notice things like that a lot, and would love to point them out to you and help you polish the game in that way, if that would be welcome.

Also, are there relationships that get locked away if you don't make the right choice at the right time? Or is it more of a sandbox game, where you can eventually build relationships with any character in a single playthrough?

Thank you for the kind words! The game is not a sandbox, so you'll have to make a couple of choices at some point to get romantic with the girls in the game, or be locked out.

As for the copy-editing, that's always welcome! You can reach me at

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Will you add some confirmation that you have been locked out? Like graying out the portrait icon in relationship screen. Same if girl begins to like you, maybe a pink icon border for that or something.

Edit: If there's going to be more girls, maybe even remove them from the list completely if locked out.

Hey, i just finished your first game (great one, i was blasted by the fact there was much more content I was expecting) and I'm gonna play this one just after.

I just want to report to you a bug in your website : when you choose a game and you click on the other, it show the image of the first one chosen. 

Good job for your games ! 

Thanks a lot! As for the website bug, do you mean the gallery on the bottom of the page?

On android, saving is a really hard because the keyboard doesnt really play nice with renpy. It makes it super frustrating


can you skip the incest?


Yes, that's possible. Remove the incest_patch.rpyc file (if present) from the game directory and start up the game. Open the developer console and press Shift+O and type: set_special(False), the main menu label should now say Standard Edition instead of Taboo Edition.

If you're playing on Android you can download the vanilla version from Patreon.



Hey. I think i have a bug in the standard edition. i have just started chapter five and the whole conversation with lilly is making the implication that shes my sister. I definitely switched the mode as it says standard at the top.

I couldnt find the incest patch to delete if that means anything.

also it possible to make the incest thing an option at the start so its easier to disable, the game currently auto switches back to taboo every-time i quit. I understand im not a pataron but im seriously considering becoming a supporter, the games pretty much amazing otherwise.


Thanks for alerting me to the Lilly conversation, that should be fixed in the next release!

Making the incest optional via a menu choice is not a bad idea actually, I'll see what I can do about implementing it.

And thank you for considering to become a patron!


Fantastic game, loving every bit of it


I wonder what the hardest part of making a game is


the hardness


Creating the renders in DAZ3D is something with a steep learning curve. And remaining focused on everything. I don't like the testing phase of each release for example, so I have to do stuff that keeps me motivated at that time.


Incredible game and although I wish that you could update every time I finish reading the previous episode, I won't rush you and will be happy to wait for the next episodes. Just a bit sad I can't support you on Patreon or anything like that. The games you create are incredible. Keep it up


Thank you, I hope the sixth episode will impress you too when it drops in December!


I'm sure it will :)

Also as a side note, I expect the game to be just as good if not better than sisterly lust which so far it is, so don't let yourself down ;)

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How do i update the game with my progress?

I want to update it but dont know how to keep my progress

Plz help

Really great games btw. Keep up the good work

Are you playing on Android or on Windows/Mac?

Windows 10

Save games should be stored separately from the game directory, so if you download the update and start the game all of your saves should be there.

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Thanks for the help! Keep up the good work

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Just wanted to let you know that I love the game! The storyline is so well written that I have honestly skipped past some sex scenes (not all lol) because I want to see what happens immediately after that!  I do have a question, in Sisterly Lust, you made it where the main protagonist could be in a relationship with multiple women with little consequence.  (loved that story too btw).  Will it be possible in this game to do the same?


Thank you! Relationships will be handled very much like in Sisterly Lust, so you won't be penalized if you pursue multiple women. A harem is also one of the planned paths in this game.


I've played other games by the developer and always thought that they had a great grasp of storytelling.  Don't let the adult themes push you away.  Yeah , it's kinda porny but there so much more going on.  This game just pushes it home even more so.  There are definitely some sexy scenes, and they all make sense too with the story.  None of the sex scenes are there just for the sake of sex.  Honestly, the story is so good I almost wish they went with an RPG game rather than a VN.  The lore is fleshed out so well and the characters are likable.  It could be a Mass Effect type of game if they had the resources to make an RPG like that.  The story is just that good.


Thanks for the review! And I'm really happy you highlight the story and world-building as writing is one of the aspects of the development process I enjoy most. A full-blown RPG would have been a dream come true, but unfortunately it's a little bit beyond my skill-set as a developer, I'm afraid.

Hi, I would really love to play this game on Android, but it won't install on my phone. Can you help? 

Do you have space left on your device to unpack the update? You probably need double the space to actually run it, but I'm not too sure about the exact requirements. Sisterly Lust's system requirements of 3GB RAM and 6GB free storage space might apply here too.


After deleting some unneeded stuff from my phone, it installed. Thanks. Good to know for later. 

Glad to hear you got it working!

I finished playing v0.5 and I really enjoyed it.  I did see a couple of small errors though.  In the scene where the women from the factory 'thank' the main character, when they ask you which one you want first the main character is referred to by the default nickname "Cam" rather than by the name I chose for my character.    And a little later when Lyna is being pleasured by Jenne, Lyna is referred to as 'the pregnant woman' even though I chose to send away the pregnant woman.

Thank you! Those should be fixed in Episode 6.

Hi.... 0.5 edition was awesome... the story line is good and keeps me wondering what is coming next... One suggestion... Could you please make choices options text color with border black or something else.... Sometimes in white background reading the text becomes difficult...

Thanks a lot! The choices should appear as semi-transparent black rectangles with white text in them. Do you perhaps have a screenshot of how they look on your end?

I hope this screen shot will help... One of the choice is "stop her" but it is difficult to see with background... I actually have seen one of the choice with white background... There is it more difficult to see the choices.

That's weird and not how it's supposed to look. Are you playing on Android perhaps?

Yes, I am playing on my android phone

Thanks. The styles for Android are a little different, I'm going to look into this.

Hey there Developer perveteer 

Is this game completed or still under development?

I finished sisterly lust and gonna try this NFSW incest game

its still developing...

Thank you for your information

i see that image change, got in trouble for her being a starwars race looking race?

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No, no trouble thankfully. This is a pre-emptive change to avoid any possible future trouble.

Hey will the change be available in next update

Also it's not really clear if it's just short hair or not?

The change will be made (retroactively) in Episode 6. Jade loses the tentacles and gets the short haircut currently visible in the promo images. I'd rather not make the change, but I don't want to run in any possible trouble later on.


Hey man, whatever helps. Its not like the game needs her tentacles.

If I can make a small suggestion for you to consider. If it doesn't cause you too much trouble, also give her a long braided hair to replace the tentacles. Keep the hairstyle you have right now and make it longer and turn it in a braid in the back.

Just something i thought might look good.


I played this when it first came out and loved it. Had to drop it for a while and loved all the new content and choices. Keep up the hard work and I can't wait for the next big content drop.

Checking back on this after a...lot of months actually, anyway! I still always remembered and was looking forward to this! A couple questions:
1) BDSM (Sub & Dom, Optional) <----As in I can choose to be the sub even? I'd love to play a sub route

2) What does the premium version have that the free version does not? 


Hey! Glad you're back. As for the BDSM, it mostly describes the relationship between the MC and his servant. Playing the sub yourself isn't planned at the moment.

The extra scenes (premium) edition currently offered on Patreon and SubscribeStar contains extra sex scenes (generally two scenes per new episode). Hope that helps!


great game! nothing less from the previous one.. if I may ask, when is the projected release of ep. 6?


Thanks a lot! Episode 6 will release for patrons on Patreon and SubscribeStar in late November. It will drop here at the end of December.

noted! thank you :D 

if you can it would be a good idea to disable or add the option to turn off save game names on the phone version.

The android keyboard enter key doesn't seem to work and keyboard keeps reopening stopping you from saving sometimes and softlocking you.


That's a good point. Ren'Py (the game engine) is a little finicky with Android keyboards in general. I've heard that installing a different one might help remedy the non-responsive enter key. But if it keeps reopening it might indeed be better to turn off the feature entirely. I'm going to put this on my todo list.

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Fk man I only downloaded upto chapter 4 day before yesterday if known 5 is here would have waited.because my net is messy.

Lol rip I too have been there before my guy and it's fucking suck


Great story! You really take these type of games to a next level.


Nice game.

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I loved your previous game, so i went out of my way to pay for the 15 usd membership on your patreon to get the extra scenes version of 0.5. Just like your last game, TFTUV has good characters and story development. I especially liked how you turned Thim, who was an ass at the start into a more fleshed out character and sorta likable person by chapter 5. I'm grateful that you added in not only a gallery in TFTUV but also a codex. One downside though, where's the incest we were promised? is it coming in a later chapter? Because so far, everything is pretty normal for sci-fi vn porn game standards. 

I'm loving the characters so far, honestly, minus the sex, the story could have come from some sci-fi tv series, like a Star Wars spin-off series, similar to Star Wars Rebels. Where the characters explore space in their efforts to rescue a damsel in distress (I'm not specifying who the damsel is, as saying the name has minor spoilers for episode 1)

From what you've released so far, i give the game an overall rating of 5/5. Since i'm playing on extra version 0.5, i've encountered no bugs and don't really have a problem with the gallery like those who are playing on 0.4. You've added in ambient music that are situated for each scene, which is a high positive. 

Can't wait for future episodes to come, though i doubt this game will be finished by the end of the year, and i can't pay monthly subscriptions on Patreon, so i'll make another payment for the extended version when it's fully finished.

Still waiting on that incest route though.

Also, do you happen to have any plans on making a sex scene for Calista?

Also also,




If you're planning to allow relationships with Aven and Nadya, you should add "Incest between Cousin/Cousin and Nephew/Aunt" to your list of fetishes.


Thanks for your review and for becoming a patron. No matter how long or at what tier you become a patron, I'm very grateful for all the support! As you mention, Tales has a long way to go, so it won't be finished until the next year.

I'm glad you like the improvements (music, codex, scene gallery), I'm quite happy with how they turned out. As for scenes for Calista, I just wrote one, so she'll be included in Episode 6. There's no full-on incest in the game yet, I'm taking it more slowly compared to Sisterly Lust (always felt the progression was a little too fast there). There will be progression on that front in Episode 6 though.

Beware that the Patreon version is censored, so if you're game doesn't say "Taboo Edition" on the main menu, you won't see incest in the game at all as it's prohibited. There's a patch available here, the version doesn't need one.

Hope you'll enjoy what's coming next!


Great story


The responsibles for making this game are extremely talented, I can't believe the attention to detail, when will we have the next update? I hope it is a big one.


Thanks! I've just released Episode 5 for patrons and subscribers, it will drop here for free near the end of October.


Is it just me or is anybody else also can't see any other scenes in the scene gallery other than the first 2 explicit scenes in the first episode (the sleeping with Celine one and the BJ from Jade)? I'm already on episode 3 but there's still no more scenes in the gallery like the orgy with R'o women and the sex with the girl that gave us the Iron Bastard in the 2nd episode?


Thanks for the report. It's not just you, but a known issue which will be fixed in episode 5.

Can you please send the mega link for android


The game can also be downloaded from my personal website (Mega links are included):

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Hi there, take my msg as a honest feedback, please:

Ep. 2 I would rate 5 out of 5, it has the best scenes so far and the story accompanies them accordingly.
As for others I can give 3/5 - so not a total wild card but worthy.

Overall dialogues are too overhelming (especially minor sub-stories), and thus much difficult to follow the story without frequent codex use with such complex branching and names (therefore a lot is missing, for ex. info about Rhenkoy species).

As an incest, not a one so far. You should include at least with one character already, so this fetish lovers could stay to the game, myself this fetish braught me here.

Ep. 4 could be better if it at least had contained more scenes at the last location with some sex, you could save in-game vr scenes for scenes with the main plot characters.

Thyia's body is sexy but the face ruins this attractiveness, could be nice at least like Rihanna. May be if she gets long hairs, could be hot.


Thanks a lot for the feedback! The game is still a work in progress, so it's good to know which areas could use improvement. As for your point about the last location, I assume you mean the city? That location will feature heavily in Episode 5.


hey for some reason i cant seem to get to the scene menu beyond episode 1. am i the only one with this problem. 


I get it too, no matter which one I click on it only shows the two scenes from episode 1.


This will be fixed in the next release.

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I'm having issues getting the new version installed. I tried deleting the previous version but to no avail. 

It starts installing, but after a few minutes i get an error message "app not installed". 

Any known fixes?

Fyi, I'm on Android

FIXED: turns out I didn't have enough storage space... *Facepalm*



when is the next update coming out


I've been on holiday, so the public release is a little further away than normal, probably in October.


Oh OK hope you had a good holiday and that is good at least you are working on it

   Any character customization?

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No, images are prerendered.



You really did put all the fetishes out there in space ;) My photo solitaire game just has latex and bondage stuff ;)


Solid work, definitely keeping an eye on this one :)

Really nice world building, I like the level of detail that keeps things interesting and makes it more well-rounded than a good deal of VNs I've played. The university professor aunt is a nice touch, gives a better reason to know X , Y, or Z than "the computer says" which is the standard.

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As always I enjoyed the new update.

Gotta say Luzane made me feel conflicted but thankfully that's optional not that I didn't do it anyway on a new save because curiosity.

I shouldn't get my hopes up but despite the apparently slim chances I do hope we see Hannah the translator again and maybe next time we might have a chance to recruit her to our Crew as our own translator for future chapters, I'm happy assuming she knows multiple Alien languages or maybe she has an augment allowing her translate multiple languages...

If that's something you've actually thaught about by chance and Haven't yet thaught of a story/backstory, it could be that she missed human company & culture so much she joined, her backstory could be to the MC in that her family weren't really there, and her Employment with the Tubloshi could just be her way of having a place to stay and eat, and maybe now she seeks adventure with humankind amount the Iron Bastard XD since her Job often took her to diplomatic situations she might be someone who has decent amount of world information at least in terms of race and politics I guess.

Anyway it's your creation and we're just here for the ride, I've loved everything so far and I believe I will continue to do so mate, great work.

Scene Gallery has four buttons EP1, EP2, EP3, EP4, but those do nothing? It only shows two locked scenes from EP1, Sleeping with Celine and Jade's Handjob above.

Which version of the game are you running? Android or otherwise?

Latest version 0.4 on PC Windows 7 64 bit.

I've always copied the save folder from the earlier version of the game.

I tried to remove the saves folder but it didn't fix the problem.

Yeah I've had the same issue with the Scene Gallery, both my phone and game are updated, the way it looks like it works is that it thinks the first 2 scenes from episode 1 are the same scenes in Episode 2,3,4... It's not a Major issue right now but I'm sure some people would appreciate it being fixed when you have free time and a good mood for it.

Obviously no one haven't reported the bug before, even though it's a beta in which players are supposed to tinker around trying to find bugs.

I have the same issue on Android 10 on Samsung S 10, running the latest version of TftUV.

I'm trying to reproduce this problem, but having no luck so far. Do you have the same issue with the builds available from my website?

(1 edit)

Same issue with that one. Tried skipping EP1 scenes and then unlocked them, but no EP2 scenes appear in the Scene Gallery menu.

Could be something to do with Development build and Distribution build differences?

Might have something to do with the way builds are uploaded to Just to be clear, can you paginate to the various scenes by using the EP01, EP02, etc. buttons on the bottom of the screen? Or do the scenes fail to unlock correctly?

Pages won't change, it stays at the Page 1 even if I press those buttons below. Maybe Renpy doesn't change the screen when button is pressed? EP1 scenes are unlocked correctly, can't verify scenes from the other EPs because page won't change.


Hey I'm really loving your works, especially that you are making it with more story but balanced with the scenes. It's really fun but if I can recommend something when a scene appears there shouldn't be playing the same music as before, because it is more special than that. I think it would make more tension if you'd use the same music in every situation. But it's just me, your works are still the best


Thanks Azin! As for the music, I'll have to think about it. Having the same track play each time might get too repetitive, but maybe there's another solution.

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Hey creator hope there aren't group sex scene of mc and thim sharing vess coz not a fan of MMF

There's no such scene planned and if there will be content like that with any character it will be optional and clearly signaled as such. ;)

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I am happy to know there won't be any two guy/one girl,

but ziv use the term female to describe herself, so can I still hope to see her with someone else, for example jade or raene ? (in threesome or not...)

I agree with you for sure and I know Perverteer has replied but I got a strong feelings it will be very much like he's other game "Sisterly Lust" where you get all the girls to yourself and I assume it would be if at any point in the game if a male was to interact sexually with one of the female of your crew it would be because you had to option to say yes... I strongly doubt any other male apart from the MC will be romantically or sexually involved with any of the woman, I'd consider that NTR otherwise and this game isn't going to have that to my knowledge... So sleep soundly know all the woman will be yours towards the game with none of sleeping with anyone but you throughout the entire game 😉

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