Sisterly Lust on

Sisterly Lust is officially on now. I've replaced the external downloads with links that should be compatible with the official game client.

As soon as the public release of the game becomes available I will publish it here as well. In the future I plan on offering the final release of Sisterly Lust (including the extra scenes) here too for a fixed price.

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I already have the game on steam. by the way, nice game, good job.

Hello, I think this game is mega hot.  And would like to continue playing.  However, it is over after day 38!  What do I have to do to continue playing?  Greeting Rogi

The game is still under development and new days are added monthly. The Patreon version of the game (v0.20) contains two extra days. If you'd like to continue playing you could pledge over there, or wait until next month when v0.20 is released publicly.

Ahh... I had forgotten about this one! I've played an older version a while back, but do remember I enjoyed it. Good to see you've decided to also release it on itchio (and uncencored as well) :)

Thanks! I'd registered the profile a while ago, but never did anything with it. It's actually pretty great, so I'm glad I published Sisterly Lust here too.

Great game.  I have been playing this game for several months & highly recommend it. Has a good storyline with various paths.  

Thanks a lot!